Best New Tours for Solo Parents

Traveling alone with the kids? No problem. Intrepid Travel has a lineup of tours specifically designed for solo parents. Wrangling the kids, traveling, sightseeing and heading out on memorable excursions can be challenging. Ease some stress and share the responsibility by booking a tour with guides and detailed itineraries. Choose a pre-designed Intrepid Travel tour and coordinate with guides to elevate your family trip with the kids.

Little boy watching into distantance by binoculars with mother

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For 13 days in Vietnam, your family will enjoy the sights, cuisine and culture of this incredible locale. Beginning in Hanoi and ending in Ho Chi Minh City, your family will sail Halong Bay and snorkel, bike and hike your way through the country. Enjoy the natural wonders of Vietnam and the flourishing foodie scene.

Northern India

Take a 10-day tour through Northern India exploring the iconic architecture and natural wonders of the colorful countryside. Explore the jungles of Ranthambhore National Park — home to Bengal tigers — after visiting the Pink City of Jaipur. Make an obligatory stop at the Taj Mahal and other must-see landmarks with ease. Take in the sights, sounds and smells while enjoying authentic Indian cuisine, tea and local goods at open-air markets and bazaars.

Costa Rica

Take the kids on a 15-day adventure through Costa Rica’s famously beautiful wildlife and rugged landscape. Venture through diverse terrain spotting waterfalls, thermal springs and volcanoes after a boat ride through Tortuguero National Park.

A Boat in Tortuguero National Park

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Thailand’s coastal jungles, rich culinary scene and vibrant surroundings present a dream destination for your family getaway. Visit Bangkok by long-tail boat before traveling to Wat Pho to see the famous Buddha statue. Enjoy family-friendly activities from bathing elephants and hiking the sacred foothills of Chiang Dao to visiting the legendary Bridge on the River Kwai and ancient ruins at Ayuthaya on this 12-day journey.

Each tour offers a healthy blend of culture, cuisine and education, with ample adventure activities and leisure. Take advantage of the tour’s community feel while socializing with locals and fellow travelers.

For those traveling with kids younger than 17, Intrepid offers a 10 percent discount. Check out all of the tours specifically curated for single parents here and plan an impressive family vacation.