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A Look into Oceanogràfic: Europe’s Largest Aquarium

by Mary Melnick

Feb 14, 2023

© Inigocia | Dreamstime.com

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Located on the Mediterranean East Coast, València is a must-see destination for family travelers exploring Spain. València is a cultural hub filled with museums, monuments and historical sites, offering travelers plenty to explore and see. One can’t-miss attraction is Oceanogràfic Aquarium, Europe’s largest.


The aquarium opened in 2003 and celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. Visitors can take a voyage across the world’s seas and oceans while seeing some of the planet’s most remarkable marine ecosystems.Oceanogràfic is made up of various structures, each dedicated to different aquatic environments: the Mediterranean; Wetlands; Temperate and Tropical Seas; the Antarctic; The Arctic Islands and the Red Sea, as well as Dolphinarium.


Even though there is plenty to see and do at the aquarium, the space also offers different attractions to help elevate visitors’ experiences. After the aquarium closes, guests can sleep under the watchful eyes of the sharks and enjoy a free tour of the aquarium the next day.


Another experience for guests is the backstage tour. Visitors are taken behind the scenes of the facilities to see firsthand how animals are cared for. Guests also get to see various species awaiting inclusion into exhibition tanks and discover how all 960,000 liters of seawater are filtered daily.


Lastly, catch a show at The Red Sea auditorium, featuring Spain’s largest 4-D theater. Guests can enjoy a show recreating various environments and adventures as 4-D experiences. Wind, changes in light, scents, snow and seat vibration can all be felt throughout the show.


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