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A New Kids’ Podcast They Will Ask You to Unpause

by Kimberly Krol Inlander

May 7, 2021

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Age Specific / Kids

The “Ooh You’re in Trouble” podcast has been garnering buzz among teachers and parents. The podcast blends entertainment and education to keep 9–13-year-olds engaged and interested. Season two debuted April 29, so binge the first iteration and catch up with the new season now.


Check out a trailer here.


“Ooh You’re in Trouble” has a bold message for middle schoolers: Sometimes it’s okay to break the rules. At the heart of the podcast is getting those in the age group to make decisions for themselves. Like a kid-appropriate true crime podcast for middle school misdemeanors, the podcast covers topics like pranking school bullies, contraband candy and more. Merk Nguyen hosts the podcast as LV, or Little Voice Inside Your Head. It covers true stories of rebels, rascals, rule breakers and revolutionaries. Other tales of mischief from real kids include Ava, who petitioned her school to mandate masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Xiomara, who sought revenge on a bully by putting live worms in their lunch. LV gives kids a voice to express what they’re experiencing in real time.


Season two features 12 brand-new episodes.


It can be really helpful to use a vehicle such as a podcast, like “Ooh You’re in Trouble,” to have these conversations with children, because it gives the child some emotional distance. Using a podcast or a character in a movie or a lyric from a song or even a story about a friend’s child who lives in another state can be so effective because tweens have a really hard time solving their own problems,” said Phyllis Fagell, school counselor and author of Middle School Matters. “They are just too close to the situation. And by using an outside person and outside character, a story from a podcast, it allows them to have that emotional distance to help them come up with a solution to a problem that they might not readily be able to retrieve if it was about themselves.”



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