Airbnb for the Whole Family

Once considered an alternative vacation option, Airbnb more popular for travelers. For families, choosing an Airbnb location comes with a bit of research and a lot to consider —  the age of children and adults you are traveling with, the distance from the accommodations to surrounding attractions, the length of your stay and what the priorities will be on the trip.

For longer stays, look for an Airbnb offering discounts for monthly stays. Depending on the traveler, prices should include WiFi, essential bills and utilities for longer vacations. Ideal options for families should include an entire house or apartment offering easy access to surrounding attractions and may include amenities such as a pool or backyard. Families embarking on a longer vacation should look for Airbnbs including a washing machine, dryer and kitchen appliances to avoid going out to do laundry and eat for the entire stay.

Depending on the location, zoom in on the specific area you are looking for and more options will appear. This provides more variety for budget and amenities in possibly an even better location than the options at first glance.

Airbnb famously offers offbeat and unique stays from tiny houses, converted Airstream mobile homes and energy-efficient domes to yurts secluded in the California desert and fantasy-themed homes in Mexico.

Bring the family to Atlanta to stay in a rustic and glass-clad treehouse. Surround yourself in the natural beauty and light of the woods in one of the most saved homes on Airbnb. Escape to a real-life castle in Cumbria, England, with a group in any age range or check into a kid-friendly rental boasting a full playground like one of the many popular outdoor locales in Oregon or an indoor rock-wall room in a Colorado home.

Whether looking to cut costs on an extended stay, indulge in a lavish home or experience a destination in a completely unique home away from home, Airbnb has a wide variety of options for families of any age and size. Don’t forget to compare prices and read all of the fine print. Don’t be afraid to shop around and be choosey, but keep in mind the Airbnb home may never hit all of your check marks as it’s not a hotel, but rather a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family.