Building Holiday Fun

Since its founding in 1932, LEGOs have fascinated the fledgling builders in all of us — from young to old and everyone in between. Dump out a pile of LEGO bricks and you can’t help but start putting one together with another, and so on and so on. Over the years, LEGOs became an integral […]

Travel Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

When you’re a traveler, you want to find gifs to share your passion with friends and loved ones. The only thing is, it can get pricey. Here we take a look at some travel-themed gift ideas that won’t break the bank, leaving you a little left over to get something for yourself. Toddlers Open the […]

Best Christmas Markets for Kids in Germany’s Black Forest

December is a magical time of year in Germany, when almost every city and town has at least one square filled with a Christmas market. Aglow with sparkling lights, each of these markets creates its own holiday wonderland certain to delight kids. Some have entire sections devoted to children’s rides and activities. While you can […]

Thanksgiving Food and Fun for History Lovers

Four states lay claim to hosting the first Thanksgiving dinner, but no matter if it’s talking turkey or serving history with a grain of salt is anyone’s guess. Luckily, there are plenty of ways—and places—to take a step back in time and get a taste of fun. Plimouth Plantation, Plymouth, Mass. No, it’s not just […]

Tips for Exploring New Brunswick, Canada’s Kid-Friendly Province

We’ve been vacationing in New Brunswick, a Canadian province just north of Maine, since our kids were toddlers and have never run out of things to do. Every trip is always off to a good start: Just after crossing the border from Calais, Maine, ahead of us stands the big brick building housing Ganong Chocolates. […]

When and How to Start Kids Skiing

What age should kids be when they begin skiing? If the rest of the family skis, a good key is when they seem interested. If skiing is not a regular part of your winter activities, you may want to begin by visiting a ski area so they see other kids skiing. They are ready when […]