What to Do in Seville with Teens

Seville is one of Spain’s most colorful and engaging cities, so it seemed a natural place to introduce a 15-year-old to Spain. Getting there was easy — a trans-Atlantic flight direct to Madrid, where we stayed overnight to see a few main attractions, then a three-hour train ride to Seville. Here’s what we learned. Hotels […]

Never Too Old for Disney World: Top Attractions for the “Big Kids”

Disney World is highly regarded as one of the most magical places for children. Who says it can’t be one of the most magical places for adults as well? Picking a great hotel is one of the most important aspects of your adult Disney World stay. Try to opt for hotels specifically catered toward adults […]

A Maine Windjammer Sail with Teens

Sailing on a Maine Windjammer is not an ordinary cruise. The wind and weather determine the course. You will rarely find shops at a port of call and on-board activities are strictly BYO. But for us and for teen-aged Mary, our week on the Angelique was a great adventure After boarding in Camden, Maine, we […]

Haunts for Teens in Los Angeles

Halloween is quickly becoming one of the most celebrated and anticipated holidays in America. While traditions like trick-or-treating and haunted houses are great fun for young children, they can be just as much fun for teens, too. With more and more cities passing laws and ordinances banning older children from participating in the festivities, teens […]

Tots, Teens and In Between in Tokyo

If there’s a perfect motto for Tokyo, it’s character counts, but not in the traditional sense. The first thing visitors see when they arrive at Tokyo Central Station from Narita Airport is a maze of themed “character stores” selling toys ranging from cuddly cartoon animals in the Hello Kitty vein to robots and superheroes. While […]

The Big Impact of Short Cruises

When it comes to vacations, time can be as much of a vacation roadblock as money. Kids at every age (even pre-school) have school and extracurricular activities. Parents have work and day-to-day parenting commitments, and grandparents are more active than ever with more of them working past retirement age and having busy social lives. Ironically, […]