Vacation Ideas for Families with Babies, Toddlers

Get the most out of your family vacation with equal parts quality time and me time at the Manoir La Croix de La Jugie in Saint-Priest-Ligoure, France. The &Breathe Post-Natal Retreat is perfect for new parents looking to ease back into daily life and routine with health, wellness and self care. For €2,000–2,800 per family […]

Tots, Teens and In Between in Tokyo

If there’s a perfect motto for Tokyo, it’s character counts, but not in the traditional sense. The first thing visitors see when they arrive at Tokyo Central Station from Narita Airport is a maze of themed “character stores” selling toys ranging from cuddly cartoon animals in the Hello Kitty vein to robots and superheroes. While […]

Toddler at Airport looking out the window at planes

How to Survive First-Time Air Travel with a Toddler

Photo Credit: © Miniimpressions | Dreamstime If you’re dreading flying with your toddler, you’re in good company. The Daily Mail reported one in four parents admit they’re too scared to take children on a plane. Kids and small, confined spaces with a lot of people isn’t exactly the scenario for smooth sailing. But you can […]

Ireland for All Ages

Touring the Emerald Isle can be great go-to family vacation. Enjoy idyllic Ireland’s many incredible historic landmarks and castles, otherworldly natural landscapes, charming Celtic lore and hearty cuisine. With so much to see and do spread over the country’s quaint towns, villages and famous cities, there is something for adventure-seekers, historians, luxury travelers and nature-lovers. […]

Family Fun in Norfolk, Va.

When it comes to traveling as a family, it’s always nice when you find a destination interesting to everyone — from parents to the youngest child. Norfolk, Va., is one destination that delivers on just that, in spades. Founded in 1682, Norfolk’s history is nearly 100 years older than that of the United States itself, […]

Hiking with Kids

Embarking on a hike with young children can seem challenging, but with some planning, practice and patience, everyone can enjoy the great outdoors together. Consider the youngest traveler and work out a trail accessible for them. Be sure to pick a hike with a destination such as a waterfall, old building or spectacular view. Having […]