Best Hiking Locations in Iceland

Iceland’s diverse terrain, with hot springs, volcanoes and glaciers, provides the ideal destination for hikers and active families. Whether experienced trekkers or adventure novices, Iceland’s otherworldly terrain boasts everything from scenic walking paths and wild landscape to challenging climbs and long-distance trails. Laugavegur Explore the beautiful landscape along Laugavegur’s 34 miles of scenic hiking trails. […]

Food, Fashion and Fun in Antwerp

By Kimberly Krol I had three objectives during my two-day stay in Antwerp: Eat a waffle, find the best moules frites and track down a pair of shoes I’d been coveting. Conveniently, Antwerp proved the ideal location to do all three, as the city is the country’s shopping and fashion hub and is known for […]

Discover Denmark

Rain illuminates Copenhagen’s gray sidewalk, but in a not-so-bad way — it’s warm, and the silvery rain is light, with small rainbows glimmering through the drops in the distance. The walk from the metro station was drama-free, thanks to the city map folded and tucked into the pocket of my jacket against the moisture; and […]

Belfast for Families

There was a time not so long ago when the Northern Ireland city of Belfast conjured up images of “the Troubles,” a time of extreme political, national and religious conflict from the 1960s to its uneasy end in 1998. That was then. Nowadays, Belfast is a vibrant, fascinating city boasting family-friendly attractions that range from […]

Five Places to Take Kids in Dresden Germany

Dresden dazzles with Rococo and Baroque splendor, as it did when it was the royal city of the Saxon kings. It’s easy now to see why it was known as The Jewel Box, but until the 1990s the city still lay in rubble from a World War II bombing. For older children, there is history […]

Explore the Stunning Landscapes of Southwest Ireland

By Donna Tabbert Long A critical scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes viewers to a mystical and magnificent mountaintop far, far away that rises from a sparkling, dark blue sea. It turns out the location wasn’t in a beautiful remote galaxy. It was on Skellig Michael, an island approximately eight miles off the […]