Family Time in Luxembourg City

A tiny country squished between the borders of France, Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg is easy to overlook. It’s not necessarily a bucket list destination and it doesn’t get much press, but those who never glimpse its breathtaking countryside and medieval fortresses are certainly missing out. There are many aspects of Luxembourg City, the country’s capital, […]

Awesome Azores: Archipelago Offers Adventure, Luxury

Climbing through cliffs and rappelling down waterfalls. The heart-pounding thrill of watching a bull run by you in the street. Ooohing and ahhing as your small boat chases a pod of dolphins in the Atlantic. This is all within a day’s adventures in the Azores, the archipelago once under Portuguese rule that’s now mostly autonomous […]

Must-Visit Castles and Gardens in the United Kingdom

Whether the kids are history and fantasy fans or you’re looking to stroll through the Jane Austin-worthy gardens and sprawling grounds of the United Kingdom’s National Trust Estates, this list will keep you busy on your family trip across the pond. Leeds Castle With more than 900 years of history, Leeds Castle in Kent is […]

Affordable Family Travel Through Edinburgh, Scotland

Your kids may be familiar with the Scottish Highlands from blockbuster films such as Harry Potter and Snow White and the Huntsman, but seeing the incredible landscape up close is a completely different experience. The sprawling scenery of Scotland acts as the setting for epic films and otherworldly scenes for good reason. Take your next […]

Top Sites in Romania

The kids may be familiar with the mythology of Transylvania, Romania, but there is much more to the incredible country than ghost stories. Romania, a Balkan country in Eastern Europe, offers a unique blend of old-world elegance and culture with natural wonders, historic cities and modern luxury. Families and guests enjoy the great outdoors, incredible […]

Winter Festivals with the Family

Enjoy some family bonding and seasonal fun at these top winter festivals. Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea, Italy: January 2018 Suit up to watch the fight to the citrusy end at the Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea, Italy. Legend has it the oppressed townspeople of Ivrea rose up sometime between the 12th and […]