Milos, Greece

Crystal-clear waters, the warm Greek sun, the hospitality of the Greek people. These are the things that make a Greek island vacation so special and all are found in abundance on the island of Milos. With more than 75 beaches of unparalleled beauty and an endless list of outdoor activities, this island gem offers a […]

Iceland on a Budget

Iceland’s growing popularity as a tourist destination leaves most travelers with the same two conclusions: The country is incredibly beautiful and expensive. With some helpful tips, you can keep your family trip to Iceland fun and budget-friendly. Rent a Car The vast, diverse landscape of Iceland can be pricey to traverse using taxis, buses or […]

Ireland for All Ages

Touring the Emerald Isle can be great go-to family vacation. Enjoy idyllic Ireland’s many incredible historic landmarks and castles, otherworldly natural landscapes, charming Celtic lore and hearty cuisine. With so much to see and do spread over the country’s quaint towns, villages and famous cities, there is something for adventure-seekers, historians, luxury travelers and nature-lovers. […]

Find Romance in Iceland

I can’t stop staring out the car window. My husband and I are hours northwest of Reykjavik, heading to the moss-covered Snæfellsjökull glacier, part of the Snæfellsjökull National Park. Ahead of us, the glacier looms above a sweeping coastal road leading to the sea. On either side, West Iceland’s dreamlike landscape spills toward distant volcanoes, […]

Family Travel in Switzerland

Even in a country as over-the-top picturesque as Switzerland, some destinations stand out, not only for their beauty but also for the charm and wide-ranging appeal of their attractions. The city of Lausanne, located in what locals call the Vaudois Riviera in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, sits squarely on that list. This is a […]

Europe for the Whole Family

Europe offers a variety of fun destinations, but finding a fitting destination for the entire family can be difficult, no matter where you are. You definitely don’t want to drag your grandparents to Ibiza, and the kids in your family probably won’t be thrilled by the vineyards of France and Italy. Check out the family-friendly […]