Immerse Yourself in Multicultural Berlin

David Bowie once called Berlin, “the greatest cultural extravaganza one could imagine.” The historic city traditionally slipped under the radar as a tourist destination, but is quickly coming into its own as a trendy hot spot for fun and culture. Once a city of division and desolation, this German capital is home to immigrants from […]

Family-Owned Bosso Restaurant Brasserie, Luxembourg

Walk the historic cobblestone streets of Luxembourg’s Grund neighborhood, cross the picturesque Alzette and you’ll find yourself nestled into the heart of a charming valley, in the stone shadow of Luxembourg’s past as a military stronghold. Up a steep walk is the Casemates du Bock, but, for the time being, you can simply sit awhile […]

A Mid-Summer Weekend’s Dream for the Whole Family

More than 50 years after the Beatles built the foundation of their musical legacy in clubs of Hamburg, Germany, it remains an essential pilgrimage stop for music fans. However, like other major German cities, the city is packed with museums, historic sites and cultural spots tailor-made for visitors of all ages. And then there are statistics showing […]

Fitness Tours Through Ireland

Trekking through the varied terrain of Ireland’s wild west, rolling hills, cliff-covered beaches and busy city streets has always been a workout, but now it’s a good excuse to book a Vagabond Tour through the Emerald Isle. Whether your family is kick-starting a new fitness routine or just trying to stay on track while on […]

Romance in London

Maybe it’s the bridges — or maybe it’s the way the river wends through the city and the banks seem to wrap around the glittery water, holding it in place while the towers and spires reach for the firmament above. I can’t be sure, but London always has a singular effect on me no other […]

Amsterdam Hotels Will Make You Want to Go Dutch

Unlike its glitzier European cousins like Paris and Rome, Amsterdam often gets the short straw when it comes to images of glamorous holidays. But there’s plenty of design inspiration to be had at several new or reimagined hotels here — remember, this is where Dutch Masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer made their magic, after all. […]