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Discover the Culture of Grenada This August with Spicemas 2022

by Eugenia Lazaris

Aug 1, 2022

© Nancy Pauwels | Dreamstime.com


Exploring the local culture is one of the best ways to get to know a destination and, in Grenada, the annual Spicemas celebration is one of the most fun ways to do so on family travel.


Spicemas is a celebration of life, intended to revive the spirit of the ancestors of the peoples of Grenada. The events are deeply rooted in the rich heritage and ancestral traditions of the island and are something both locals and tourists look forward to year after year.


During the celebrations, the sounds of steel drums and calypso music fill the air while parades of colorfully costumed dancers celebrate through the streets. Traditional Jab-Jab, or Devil Mas bands, provide the soundtrack to the revelry, while the Jab-Malassi, masqueraders decked out in horned helmets and black body paint, do their best to frighten and smear their body paint on partygoers.


The months-long celebration, which began in April with Carnival, culminates Aug. 8 with events like Monday Night Mas, a parade of lights accompanied by masqueraders and the lively sounds of the Caribbean played by some of the best Soca bands in the world.


On Aug. 9, the festivities continue with the Parade of the Bands, giving visitors a chance to experience a musical celebration Grenada style.


If you plan to be in Grenada for this magical time, you won’t want to miss Spicemas 2022. It will be hard to miss the excitement surrounding this fun festival, which offers fun and excitement for all ages, along with a chance to party with the locals as they celebrate their culture and heritage.


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