Getting Kids Interested in Theater with Kid-Friendly Destinations

For many people a love for the theater starts from an early age. Many popular travel destinations have thriving theater communities that include some fun and educational opportunities for children, making family vacations an ideal opportunity to introduce little ones to the wonderful world of theater.

Not only do many cities have historic and visually stunning theaters with world-class performances great for the whole family (such as classics like Annie or Matilda), but many also have theaters dedicated to specific productions and interactive events for children. Not only are classic productions performed but they also offer a wide variety of original productions designed specifically for children to learn about the arts and to learn to explore the endless boundaries of imagination.

If your family is planning a trip to the Windy City, grab some tickets for the Chicago Children’s Theater. Not only does this venue offer classes for future theater performers, but they offer age-specific performances customized to thrill little ones of all ages. The World Inside Me, opening February 2019, is a visual and musical production to engage children’s imagination and senses and is designed specifically for pre-kindergarten children aged 1 through 5.

If you’re going to be in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Children’s Theater has an extensive schedule of events that caters specifically to young hearts and imaginations. The 2018–2019 schedule includes classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show and The Velveteen Rabbit. The season will close in May with The Diary of Anne Frank. Each production at this family-friendly theater includes a special showing of a sensory-friendly performance to ensure families with special needs can enjoy a rewarding theater experience. These performances include adjusted lighting during the show, pre-show theater tours, lower sound levels and specially trained staff to assist guests before and throughout the performances.

Think Orlando, Florida, is only good for Disney World? Think again. The Orlando Repertory Theater creates family fun with exciting theater performances that not only entertain, but encourage creativity and positive values, such as the upcoming production of Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook which explores the concepts of honesty and integrity.

Whatever city you visit, take some time to explore the local theater scene. You just might find an exciting way to introduce your little ones to the world of theater by exposing them to fun performances designed just for them.