Growing up Dallas

Whether you grew up watching the original Dallas or just caught the reboot, you can now relive the fantasy with the family — without all the drama. Introducing the Live Like a Ewing package, Southfork Ranch invites visitors, families and Dallas fanatics to experience the iconic accommodations.

Made famous by the Dallas TV show, running 1978–1991, the luxury stay is actually located 25 miles north of Dallas in Parker, Texas. This luxury ranch easily lives up to the hype the show generated 40 years ago. Yes, the South Fork Ranch commemorated its 40th anniversary of the Dallas airdate and welcomed guests to join in the celebration. The festivities included a fan party with a cast meet-and-greet, where approximately 1,200 Dallas fans came from all over the world.

Even if you missed the events, the Live Like a Ewing package is available for single guests and parties up to six. Bring the family, childhood friends or just another couple and enjoy a throwback vacation with rustic fun, beginning at $275 per person.

Enjoy Champagne and hors d’oeuvres along a trail ride through the famous 357-acre mansion grounds. Guests of the package will also experience the mansion interior like family with a private tour and dining experience with J.R.’s Steak Dinner. Expect Texas steaks, fine wine and exceptional service — just like the Ewings would.

Family group on horseback

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Guest looking for the full ranch experience, upgrade your stay with a private helicopter ride or private car transportation. Take the helicopter tour for those sweeping views of the property you may remember from the opening credits.

Hop on horseback and explore the legendary North Texas location on a rustic, fun family tour. Head out hiking and exploring the classic, all-American ranchland and unwind with spa treatments, cocktails and luxury treatments during your high-end stay.

Plan your stay along with local festivals, including the 2018 Music Fest, Sept 1–2, or the Tour de Cure, a run, bike and walk event Oct. 20, fighting diabetes. Learn more about the Southfork Ranch here and feel inspired to pay a visit.

Even if you’re new to the show, the ranch has much to offer in fun and experiences. Learn all about the legends of the property and reboot while your family enjoys a luxury take on rustic charm. Enjoy rural Texas like a Ewing.