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Plan a Family Trip to Denver

by Barbara Rogers

Nov 30, 2022

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Family travelers find a lot of reasons to add the Mile High City to their travel wish list. A zoo, an aquarium, a science museum and a children’s museum promise several days of experiences for kids of all ages.


Denver Zoo
More than 4,000 animals, including lions, elephants and Komodo dragons, live at Denver Zoo, where kids can enjoy interactive experiences with giraffes, rhinos and sloths. The latest feature is a habitat for a colony of African penguins, with a beach-rimmed, 10,000-gallon swimming pool where kids can watch the penguins’ underwater antics through nearly 40 feet of windows. The zoo lies next to a large park with playgrounds and picnic sites.


Downtown Aquarium
More animal experiences await kids at Downtown Aquarium, where they can swim with sharks, feed stingrays and spend a day as a marine biologist. Or they can just be mesmerized walking through a transparent underwater tunnel as fish swim overhead. Watch more sea life swimming past as you eat in the restaurant, set around a 50,000-gallon aquarium tank.


Children’s Museum of Denver

Imagination is everything at Children’s Museum of Denver, where exhibits empower kids to explore and discover the magic of bubbles, climb a mountain, test their balance and agility, run through a waterfall or become a firefighter, veterinarian, painter or sculptor — or become the next Isaac Newton in the Physics Playground.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
In the Space Odyssey exhibits at Denver Museum of Nature & Science, budding astronauts and astronomers can learn about space, light and celestial bodies through sensory exhibits, allowing kids to experience walking in space or being inside a spacecraft as it launches. The Egyptian Mummies Gallery goes beyond just exhibiting the two in the museum’s collection. Kids learn how CT scans, radiocarbon dating and other technologies can discover secrets about these Egyptian women’s lives.


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