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Safety Tips for Public Transportation

by Audrey Lee

Mar 10, 2021

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Knowing how to keep yourself and your family safe while traveling is often overlooked and forgot about due to the overwhelming excitement of reaching your next destination. In many cities, especially those in foreign countries, public transportation is the easiest way to get around. Follow these easy-to-remember tips to keep yourself and your belongings secure.


  1. Hide jewelry. Even if it is just simple, cheap, costume jewelry that is not worth a lot, thieves will still try and grab it if they see the opportunity. Tuck necklaces inside of your shirt and turn rings upside down on your finger so the jewel faces your palm. This will hide any shine that may catch robber’s eyes.


  1. While sitting at the train or bus stop, loop your bag handles around your leg. Bags are easy to run off with when sitting by your side. Stepping through the straps will make it virtually impossible for others to grab and run.


  1. Take a business card from the hotel you are staying at while exploring a new city. If your phone dies or you lose WiFi for a map, you will still be able to locate the address and contact information of where you are staying.


  1. Carry cash, but store it in different places. Do not put it all together in one bag. Tuck some in your pockets, shirts, jacket and even your shoe. If your main money source goes missing, at least you have backup to get you through the day.


  1. Use bags with zippers to people can’t reach into an open tote, Zippers deter people from attempting to reach in and snag some of your valuable possessions.


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