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Road Rules for Safe Summer Travel

It’s nearly summer, the time of year when countless travelers happily head out to explore the back roads, highways and byways of the world. While road trips should be adventures filled with pleasant memories, the sad and tragic truth is, every year, 1.24 million people die, and an additional 50 million people are injured on […]

One City, Six Ways: Raleigh, N.C.

North Carolina’s capital city brims with Southern charm and adventure. The city’s colorful history includes how its location was originally chosen for its proximity to Hunter’s Tavern — a favorite watering hole for its then-state legislators. Today, it’s a great destination for music, festivals, food and outdoor pursuits. History & Culture: Dating to 1792, Raleigh boasts […]

Idyll in Italy

The hillside path winds downward past the crumbling stone ruins of some nameless, long-forgotten building. At the bottom, the ground levels out to accommodate a small lake filled with water that reflects the startling blue of the sky, and my husband James and I pause to relish the view. The fragrance of lemon blossoms fills […]

Sweet Stay in Gothenburg

My husband James peers at me over the rim of the ceramic mug holding his cappuccino. We’ve paused our sightseeing long enough for fika, Sweden’s traditional coffee timeout/afternoon breather, and there’s one last bite left on the plate of our shared cinnamon bun, selected at the encouragement of the friendly barista at Café Husaren. She […]

Send Your Kids to Knight School

Still looking for the perfect summer diversion for your kids? Let them explore their passion for knights, wizards and all things medieval at a themed summer camp. Whether it’s for a day or a week, here are a few to choose from. Guard Up Wizards & Warriors Summer STEM Camps in Burlington, Mass., have programs […]