Korean Hot Spot: Seoul Family Fun

By Gregory D. McCluney Like the frantic kitchen of a sold-out Korean restaurant, Seoul is hot, sizzling, a 24/7 mass of energy. Yet few travelers have the bustling South Korean capital of 25 million people at the top of their bucket list of destinations. Seoul may not possess the panache of Paris, the royal history […]

Culinary Democracy: Exploring Singapore’s Food Roots

Singapore’s many museums and government sites stand as monuments for its distinctively multicultural underpinnings. However, the small republic’s food culture shows just how much of a successful melting pot Singapore truly is. Over the centuries, groups from China, the Malay Peninsula and India took full advantage of this commercial hub, as did seafaring traders from […]

Trendy Family Fun in Amerikamura

Amerikamura, or America-mura, is a shopping, entertainment and foodie neighborhood in Osaka, Japan. What may be a dead giveaway by the name, Amerikamura is also known as American Village and offers tourists, families and locals a fun blend of Western-inspired shops, Japanese food stalls and a blend of oddities and attractions. It’s one of those […]

Try Cooking, Sailing or Lounging at Trisara Resort

It’s not like Trisara Resort even needs to distract guests with things to do. After all, each of the two- to seven-bedroom villas at this luxury resort on Phuket’s northwest coast comes with its own private infinity pool that overlooks either the Andaman Sea or tropical gardens. The private beachfront is dotted with lounge chairs […]

Spend the Day in Shimonoseki, Japan

With the cherry blossoms blooming and spring weather warming up, Japan is a top consideration for traveling families. Located on Japan’s main island of Honshu, Shimonoseki is basically as far west as you can get. Explore the island with the family from tip to toe, or just peek at it from afar through the Kaikyō […]

One Day in Matsue, Japan

Often referred to as Little Kyoto, Matsue, Japan, is a wonder of modern attractions and ancient Japanese history. The capital city of Shimane Prefecture also happens to sit along Lake Shinji, offering scenic views, city tours and picturesque rides. If you’re passing through on a family trip or looking for a few days in a […]