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Keeping Kids Occupied on Road Trips

If you’ve ever been confined to a car during a long road trip, you’re no stranger to the fact the hours can stretch out in front of you like the road you’re on. When you’re traveling with kids, the car can really start to seem like a prison. If your family has multiple children, the […]

Kid-Friendly Museums Worth Traveling For

Traveling with kids seems to usually mean endless theme parks, amusement parks, zoos and aquariums. These are fun, and the latter two have the potential to be educational. Sometimes it can be a good idea to introduce kids to the world of museums. Here are several museums perfect for kids in various cities where your […]

What to Look For in a Family River Cruise

Cruising, with all of the ship amenities, exotic destinations and wide array of culinary options, has the ability to appeal to families with even the most diverse taste. The typical cruises families reference are likely the Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines on the ocean. River cruising offers a much different perspective. When planning […]

Safety Tips for Kids at the Beach

While we would like to always picture our time at the beach as a peaceful retreat into paradise, the untamed ocean can prove dangerous as well. The ocean, and sand for that matter, represents a peaceful escape with the power to turn a day in paradise into a headache. Here are a few tips for […]

Family Fun in Seattle

In the Pacific Northwest is a city packed with tours, experiences and fun for the entire family. Seattle might be easily recognized as the home of the Space Needle and Seattle Seahawks, but this city has multitudes of sights, attractions and views to keep entire families happy during a trip. The city proper has a […]

Summer Road Trip Ideas for Teens

When teens hit the magical age of 16 and finally get their license to drive, they will want to use it. Pair the newfound freedom with several months of no school in the summer, and it can be tempting to load a car up with some close friends and hit the road. Depending on where […]