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Traveling with Artist Children

Traveling with kids can be tough enough without accounting for their obsessions and idiosyncrasies. Parents of creative children will recognize this manifestation in writing, artwork and more. When it comes time to plan the next family trip, make sure to keep your creative children in mind when booking transportation and finalizing your itinerary. Maximize your […]

Cruising to Hawai’i

When it comes to settling on a family-friendly cruise itinerary, there might not be a more obvious choice than Hawai’i. Sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the only ways to get to the island are plane or cruise ship. Luckily, this paradise is popular enough to warrant plenty of cruise itineraries to the […]

Laurentians for the Family

When you think of vacations in Canada, the first things that come to mind are probably snow, mountains and sub-zero temperatures, and while there are certainly many times of the year and parts of the country where these would not be the first thing your family sees, the Laurentian Mountains provide an excellent backdrop for […]

Cruising Out of New York City

When your family books a cruise, the port of departure is a genuine concern and one most cruisers take seriously. Apart from offering different lines and destinations, cruise terminals in different cities offer the chance to see and experience those cities before and after the cruise. New York City is perfect for this thanks to […]