Pack Up + Go: Surprise Three-Day Weekend

Do you want to plan a long weekend trip with your family but don’t seem to have the time? Are you ready for a surprise adventure of a lifetime? Pack Up & Go, a surprise travel agency, plans and executes three-day adventures all around the United States. You can plan to travel solo or in […]

College Campus Road Trips Worth Making a Weekend Trip

The kids may already be back to school, but for parents of teenagers, it’s that harried time when you’re already thinking about next September — and college applications to boot. Take a load off with a weekend trip to check out universities and get schooled in some fun extra curriculars along the way. Providence, R.I. […]

The Big Impact of Short Cruises

When it comes to vacations, time can be as much of a vacation roadblock as money. Kids at every age (even pre-school) have school and extracurricular activities. Parents have work and day-to-day parenting commitments, and grandparents are more active than ever with more of them working past retirement age and having busy social lives. Ironically, […]

Ireland for All Ages

Touring the Emerald Isle can be great go-to family vacation. Enjoy idyllic Ireland’s many incredible historic landmarks and castles, otherworldly natural landscapes, charming Celtic lore and hearty cuisine. With so much to see and do spread over the country’s quaint towns, villages and famous cities, there is something for adventure-seekers, historians, luxury travelers and nature-lovers. […]

Family Fun in Norfolk, Va.

When it comes to traveling as a family, it’s always nice when you find a destination interesting to everyone — from parents to the youngest child. Norfolk, Va., is one destination that delivers on just that, in spades. Founded in 1682, Norfolk’s history is nearly 100 years older than that of the United States itself, […]

Family Fun in Philadelphia on a Budget

Enjoy the great history, food and fun of Philadelphia with the family. With so much activity buzzing about the city, there is always something to do. Get the most of Philadelphia’s charm and culture by taking advantage of various deals, happy hour cuisine and drinks, family specials and group prices and enjoy all the city […]