Halloween the California Way

When trick or treating begins to lose its luster or the kids just want an additional scare this year, haunted tours are the next step for Halloween lovers. Make it a family affair and bring the kids on a haunted tour, authentic or manmade for some real thrills. One of the most iconic haunted mansions […]

National Relaxation Day Stays

National Relaxation Day is nearly upon us; do you know where you’re celebrating? The Eaglewood Resort and Spa celebrates the holiday Aug. 15, with a Bright and Bubbly Package. Get the lux amenities and tranquil pampering through Sunday, Aug. 19. Couples, mother-daughter duos or just single travelers looking to unwind, as guests of the Eaglewood Resort […]

Samoa Teuila Festival

Established in 1991, the Samoa Teuila Festival is now in its 28th year of celebration. Never heard of it? That’s kind of what makes it so great. As one of the South Pacific’s largest and greatest cultural displays, the Teuila Festival is an authentic, idyllic escape to another world. While representing true Polynesian culture across […]

Dog Days of Summer

Reward your good boys and girls — dogs, of course, with a special day out. After a long summer traveling with days out of the house away from your pooch, Doggie Dash is a great way to show some pup-appreciation. Wildwood, New Jersey, goes to the dogs, literally, during Morey’s Pier’s annual event, Sept. 8. Guests […]

Family Travel when the “Kids” are Adults

Traveling with your adult children — or as a “grownup” with your parents — is an entirely different sort of family travel experience. Mom and Dad no longer make all the decisions (or at least they shouldn’t), and there’s a good chance a daughter- or son-in-law is part of the group. Everyone may be a […]

Gear for Your Family Beach Vacation

Summer entices the wanderlust in all of us. Paired with time off from school, vacation time from work and a chance to catch up before real life sets back in, it’s the most-traveled time for families. Pack a few must-haves for an easy breezy summer beach vacation. Babies Protect the little ones from the sun […]