Mar del Plata

Located about two hours south of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata is the largest vacation area in all of Argentina, and with its beaches, bays, coastline, cliffs and forests, it is easy to see why. About 650,000 people live in Mar del Plata, welcoming more than 8 million visitors annually. With  nearly 30 miles of […]

Family Time in Rosário, Argentina

A significant piece of Argentinian history, Rosário is a port city filled with important cultural sites and beautiful outdoor spaces. Known as the Santa Fe Providence, Rosário sits along the Paraná River and offers greenery, scenic parks and a city littered with historic monuments. Look for a family stay somewhere near the City Park, or […]

One Day in Bogotá

The cosmopolitan city of Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, boasts an expansive playground for travelers. With a mix of old-world history, natural beauty and new attractions, Bogotá offers a bit of everything — all in a day’s visit. Venturing to South America with the family or spouse, keep these top spots in mind before your trip. History […]

Family Adventure in the Galapagos

For many families, the Galapagos, with its exotic marine, plant and bird life and eye-popping scenery, is a bucket-list destination. Situated just more than 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, these volcanic islands — 19 in all — offer a dizzying array of sting rays, giant tortoises, sea lions, sharks and exotic birds that […]

Spectacular Santiago for Friends and Family

By Gregory D. McCluney Chile, the longest, thinnest country in the world, is a study in contrasts. In the northern regions lies one of the driest parts of the world, the Atacama Desert. Its southern tip is the jumping-off point for travel to Patagonia, the lake country and on to the South Pole. Sandwiched in […]

Explore Peru’s Many Facets

Over the past few years, Peru experienced a seemingly meteoric rise in visitation with loads of people traveling to perhaps its most popular attraction, Machu Picchu. While Machu Picchu is an incredible sight to behold, there’s much more to experience in the South American country’s 496,000-plus square miles within proximity to the Amazon, Pacific Ocean […]