Reconnected Retreat

Enjoy the luxury experience of a Wyndham Grand, part of the Wyndham Hotel brand, by staying across five participating hotels and resorts with a unique family experience. Enjoy luxury services and accommodations for the whole family, including coveted VIP treatments, high-end pool access, restaurant perks and more, with one catch —you all have to put your phones away.

As part of the hotel’s family program, Reconnected Family Experience is a unique idea encouraging families to enjoy quality experiences together, live in the moment and spend family time sans technology.

The Wyndham Grand program challenges families and guests to go phone-free while enjoying the pool, restaurants and more through the optional Phone-Free Zones. While participants already gain more present family vacation time, they also are entered to win tangible rewards — think of it as added perks and encouragement.

Participating families already enjoy VIP-level access and special perks, but with the added touch of being entered to win more amenities and prizes, including a chance to win 75,000 Wyndham Rewards points, equivalent to a five-night vacation for free on your next visit. So, essentially, have your vacation and enjoy it too.

In partnership with Yondr — a phone-free space development company for artists, organizations, educations and individuals — Wyndham Grand offers a phone-locking case for participants. Guests interested in the competition and a phone-free stay use the lock-safe box for safekeeping, while enjoying their stay away from their phones.

Couple having breakfast at the hotel restaurant

Family having breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Photo: Rawpixelimages |

Here’s how it works. 

Guests entering the Phone-Free Zone, simply check-in with an attendant at the pool or restaurant, or visit the website ahead of your stay. After checking in with a Wyndham Grand team member, guests receive a Yondr case — essential to keeping your family off their mobile devices. Guests have control of their own Yondr case, so you know your phone is safe, but at an enjoyable distance.

When guests are ready to use their phone again, they can by finding a nearby unlocking station. While participating, guests enjoy incredible luxury perks from off-menu items and VIP spaces to exclusive pool floats and extra-special service.

Keep yourselves occupied enjoying the hotel, family time and reading through your complimentary copy of The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions.

Hang in there for a chance to win through Nov. 12.