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Virginia Beach

The Ultimate Learn-to-Surf Vacation for Beginners

by Mary Melnick

Mar 24, 2023

© Rise Up Surf


Ever wanted to learn how to surf while on vacation but find yourself too intimidated by the instructors or other surfers out in the water? Whether on a family vacation, couples retreat or a friends’ getaway, Rise Up Surf Retreats make it easy for travelers of all ages to learn how to shred the best waves. Rise Up throws out the typical surf camp rule book and offers all-inclusive, week-long stays in four locations across Central America. Rise Up caters to all levels of experience, as well as all ages, sexes, cultures and religions. Its only requirement is you being eager to catch your first wave!

© Rise Up Surf

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Rise Up provides travelers with comfortable accommodations, expert surf coaching, yoga classes and delicious meals at each of its Central American surf retreats. Whether looking to perfect your barrels or catch your first wave, Rise Up is perfect for you. Throughout your trip, you can expect:


  • Luxurious beachfront properties with air-conditioned rooms
  • Stunning beaches with uncrowded waves
  • Personalized, small-group instruction for surfers of all levels
  • Two yoga sessions a day to stretch your sore muscles and restore calmness and balance
  • Activities like horseback riding, jewelry making and visiting local schools
  • Delicious gourmet meals
  • Accommodating and dedicated staff


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Pick the Perfect Destination and Ship for Your Crew

For families who love to cruise, gathering their entire gang for time together exploring new destinations aboard an ocean or river cruise can seem like the ideal way to turn a family reunion into the vacation of a lifetime. And the demand for multigenerational cruising is booming. But with so many traveler types and age ranges potentially in your extended family’s mix, you might find narrowing down the right cruise ship and ports of call for your multigenerational entourage a serious challenge.

United Airlines Celebrates its First Class of United Aviate Graduates

As the only major U.S. airline to own a flight school, United Airlines already hit a major milestone, and now the carrier celebrates another important — and historic — step as the inaugural class of United Aviate Academy pilots graduates, leading the next generation of aviators. The 51 students in the graduating class were majority, at 80 percent, women and people of color — another stride toward United’s goal of training 5,000 new pilots by 2030 with half women or POC.

Apr 28, 2023

“Jay’s Horrible Day”: A Children’s Book Based on a True Story and Tackling Big Issues

As family travelers bring their families to various destinations around the globe, diversity, tolerance, empathy and compassion are incredibly important issues to help children comprehend. The children’s book Jay’s Horrible Day, by Stacey B. Shapiro, MSW, MLC, is part of the Big Issues for Little Children Series and “based on a true story about racism and discrimination.” It’s not always easy to handle issues as big as racism with children, but this book does so in an easily digestible manner.

Experience History, Language and Culture Firsthand Through Educational Travel

There are many forms of education. There are many forms of travel. When education and travel combine, the results can prove surprising, challenging and inspiring.

Travel Tips
Apr 27, 2023

Engaging Kids in Travel

The best way to keep kids engaged and interested on family travel is to make them part of the planning and travel process. You can be pretty sure of keeping a kid’s interest if the attraction or place you’re visiting is one they’ve chosen themselves.

Family-Friendly Podcasts Keep Kids Entertained While Traveling

When it comes to traveling with kids, there are seemingly endless options to keep them entertained on the journey, including downloading videos to watch and playing on hand-held game consoles. Classic road trip games like the alphabet game and license plate game still offer fun and can easily pass hours in the car.