Head Somewhere Out of the Ordinary for Spring Break This Year

Skip the typical spots for your family’s spring break this year. Let the Joneses enjoy their annual trip to the Florida coast — you’ve got more exciting things to see!

Cork, Ireland

If your kids’ spring break happens to fall over St. Patrick’s Day, head to Ireland. Not only is this destination budget-friendly this year, but you might be surprised to find out there is such a thing as a family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day celebration — at least when you visit Cork. The Cork St. Patrick’s Day Festival involves a big parade, live music and more.

Vamizi Island

Ask your friends to find Vamizi Island on a map and they’ll likely just scratch their heads. Located off Mozambique, this island gives you plenty of luxurious fun in the sun, but alongside a great experience volunteering with Oceans Without Borders. In March, you can join a tour group for six days on Vamizi Island, fish tagging and measuring and monitoring the reef systems. In your free time, try out the water sports, like kayaking and snorkeling, and know even your fun benefits a good cause, with all the proceeds from your stay at the andBeyond property benefiting Oceans Without Borders.

Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan © Radzian | Dreamstime.com

Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan © Radzian | Dreamstime.com

Tokyo, Japan

Japan has been named the destination of the year by many travel publication for good reason. If it’s on your bucket list, why not go now? The city’s Cherry Blossom Festival takes place March 23–April 27 and it’s an experience a world away from the D.C. festival by the same name.


If your spring break dates fall later in April, you can catch the 45th Annual Chamber Daffodil Festival in Nantucket. A festival in celebration of spring, the lineup of events includes art shows, tours, parades, picnics, lectures, contests and a flower show. There’s plenty to do for all ages, from costume contests to a children’s-only parade.

Napa Valley

If your kids reached the legal drinking age and you’re still holding on to those last few spring breaks before college graduation, why not whisk the family away to Napa Valley? You might even be able to catch Yountville Live, March 15–18. The festival combines great live music with amazing cuisine in a partnership between 14 performers, 17 top restaurants and 14 local chefs. Activities include sit-down dinners, master classes, a gala, VIP parties and more.