Easy Swaps to Help Save for Vacation

Planning a family vacation in the near future? One of the first things on your to-do list may be setting aside money for the trip. Once you get planning and narrow down a date, destination and activities, prices begin to add up. While this may seem intimidating, don’t worry, you can easily make a few […]

Engendering Adventure

Despite whoever is in the White House, there are plenty of examples worldwide of countries with strong female leaders — and many of them offer unforgettable adventures for daughters and sons alike. Earlier this year, then 37-year-old, unmarried Jacinda Ardern grabbed headlines as the first elected leader to take maternity leave. New Zealand’s third female […]

How to Expect the Unexpected in Holiday Travel

Every holiday season, people bring up that old adage about how a journey can be at least as much fun as the destination. However, this often proves to be the exception to the rule — especially with stripped-down economy cabins, spiking holiday fares, added luggage and flight expenses, changes in routes and other complications involved […]

Free and Easy Ways to Avoid Jet Lag

No matter how much your family travels or what a savvy flyer you may be, jet lag can happen to the best of us. It’s a common symptom of travel between time zones from a lack of sleep, added stress and a good amount of your day spent in transit. For families traveling over the […]

Literary Sites Even Kids Will Love

While you might be on the edge of your seat visiting the home of Jane Austen or the birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne, your kids … maybe not so much. Thankfully, there are a few fun literary sites bookworms of any age can appreciate (and they might even convert some of the non-readers in your family). […]

Take the Kids to England before Christmas

Where better to join in the pre-Christmas festivities than in the home of mince pies, kissing under the mistletoe and Charles Dickens’ beloved classic A Christmas Carol? The whole family will enjoy joining in as “Merrie Olde England” prepares for the holidays. London is ablaze with lights; manor houses and palaces are decorated to show […]