Sustainable Family Adventure

Sustainability is all the rage in the tourism industry, and for good reason. Any way we can make life, travel and everything in between more eco-friendly, sustainable and environmentally sound, the better. While most of us are making greater efforts to shift our day-to-day lives to greener pastures, so does the travel industry. While eco-friendly […]

How to Find Quiet Spaces for Overwhelmed Kids on the Road

Most kids aren’t built for an endless exploration across Rome, back-to-back days at Disney or long-haul travel without falling to pieces at least once. And let’s face it, most adults can’t do that either without their own grown-up-sized temper tantrum. Although there’s no cure for travel meltdowns, you can dramatically reduce it, or even catch […]

Make the Most of Your Time Onboard

When you choose to cruise, one of the biggest factors is likely the itinerary — the number of days in length, which ports of call you visit, how often you will be at sea. On those full days at sea, many cruisers take the time to just relax, rejuvenate and ready for the next day […]

Road Rules for Safe Summer Travel

It’s nearly summer, the time of year when countless travelers happily head out to explore the back roads, highways and byways of the world. While road trips should be adventures filled with pleasant memories, the sad and tragic truth is, every year, 1.24 million people die, and an additional 50 million people are injured on […]

Wild Women Expeditions Promotes Mother-Daughter Bonding

Even in the happiest family dynamic, there are days when daughters just aren’t all that interested in hanging out with Mom. While some of that distance represents a natural part of growing up, it doesn’t mean fun mother-daughter vacations have to be a thing of the past. Wild Women Expeditions, an expert in women-only travel, is […]

How to Keep In Touch with Kids When Traveling Solo

You may be a pro family traveler who mastered long-haul adventures with littles ones in tow, but traveling without the kids can feel like brand-new territory. Whether you’re traveling for business or a getaway to recharge, traveling without the kids can feel both exhilarating and confusing. It’s normal to feel a little guilty for leaving […]