Purchasing Plane Tickets for Large Family Groups

For many families, summer is prime time for multigenerational gatherings and vacations. However, with the warmer months being “high season” in most parts of the country and the world, there is the inevitable uptick in airfare prices responding to supply and demand. Whether you are getting the family together for a summer retreat, a one-time […]

Dubai On a Budget

The idea of traveling to Dubai may cause your wallet to become a bit nervous about all of the cash that can be expended with images of luxury hotels, fine dining and high-end shopping floating through your mind. We have some good news — while all of that is certainly available in Dubai, it is […]

Get Your Motor Running…and Keep it Going!

Road trips are a great way to “fly” among families who love a bit of spontaneity and a lot of discovery between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Though there are “must-do’s” in every North American city, some of the best memories come from those accidental local finds: classic diners, obscure historic sites, cool neighborhoods or […]

Family Time at Mall of America

Did you know the Mall of America is the top tourist attraction in the Midwest and it draws a whopping 40 million visitors a year, many of whom come from far and wide? In fact, surprisingly, there are some international visitors who fly in and out of Minneapolis/St. Paul just to go to the Mall […]

Budget-Friendly New Zealand

Traveling to New Zealand is on many people’s bucket lists, and with myriad destinations and experiences that await, there is little wonder as to why the country tops many of those lists. But just because New Zealand is a dream destination, that does not mean you need to break the bank when it comes to […]

Affordable Days in Kolkata

Located in India’s West Bengal state, Kolkata boasts colonial architecture, cultural festivals and the Sundarbans — a coastal region and World Heritage site. Bringing the whole family, escaping with friends, couples or traveling solo, Kolkata is a budget-friendly destination. With an abundance of natural beauty, wildlife to explore and lush scenery, check out nature tours […]