Perks of Planning Spring Break Early

Yes, New Year celebrations may be barely behind us, but the next big holiday on the horizon offers prime opportunity to plan that family trip. Planning for a spring break vacation with the family or for the kids can seem like a far-off task for your future self to deal with, but the truth is, […]

Affordable Ways to Spend the Day Paso Robles

California may not be your first thought for an affordable family vacation, but there are plenty of fun, family-friendly and beautiful cities to visit — all on a budget. Paso Robles happens to be one. While the vineyards and olive groves would suggest more luxury price tags, Paso Robles, California, is actually a budget-friendly locale […]

Deals on Foodie Tours

Tours through the vibrant cultures and cuisines of Europe are populated regularly by families and travelers, and for good reason — they’re a great way to experience world-famous sites, sounds and tastes without all the work of planning and organizing yourself. In an effort to make it even easier to experience, for a limited time, CIE […]

Lost and (Wisdom) Found: Dealing with Misplaced Valuables While Traveling

Everybody does what they can to prevent loss and theft before and during a vacation. We can buy travel insurance to cover our valuables (including our health and airfare losses). Some travel bloggers offer many common sense suggestions, such as use of bright Post-It notes, garish key chains and neon-colored electronics cases to visually keep […]

Mary Poppins-Themed London Special “Practically Perfect”

Sometimes “budget” just means getting a good deal, even if it’s on an expensive product. This year, families can celebrate Mary Poppins Returns in a special package at London’s 5-star Milestone Hotel, sure to keep prices in check. The property, a posh mansion-hotel across from Kensington Palace and Gardens, offers a Practically Perfect hotel stay this […]

A Fresh Coat

Whether your family is planning a walk in a winter wonderland or an adrenaline-generating ski vacation, winter gear is a must. And if your family includes older kids and teens, style is going to be as important as the coat’s ability to fend off winter winds and snow. Beyond basic fashion, however, there are other […]