Getting to Portugal

International flights are never totally stress-free. Whether you’re flying economy, business or first, it seems there is always a kernel of uncertainty waiting just below the surface. Transcontinental travel, then, feels all the more intense. Portugal is filled with things for the entire family to enjoy. From family-focused hotels to entire cities packed with activities, […]

Cruising to Hawai’i

When it comes to settling on a family-friendly cruise itinerary, there might not be a more obvious choice than Hawai’i. Sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the only ways to get to the island are plane or cruise ship. Luckily, this paradise is popular enough to warrant plenty of cruise itineraries to the […]

Cruising Out of New York City

When your family books a cruise, the port of departure is a genuine concern and one most cruisers take seriously. Apart from offering different lines and destinations, cruise terminals in different cities offer the chance to see and experience those cities before and after the cruise. New York City is perfect for this thanks to […]

Pleasing Picky Eaters on a Cruise

Picky eaters are a constant source of frustration for parents. Whether they are as specific as refusing to eat anything but chicken nuggets cut into dinosaur shapes with tater tots on the side or as pliable as being amiable with any variety of chicken tender and potato product, picky eaters are cause for planning. One […]

Cruising Out of Canada

When it comes to cruising, the possibilities are endless. A short trip to the nearest coast is all you need to be on your way to a luxurious and unique destination. Whether you are heading north to Alaska or south to the Caribbean, there are limitless options when it comes to cruising. Typically, travelers fly […]

Adventure Cruising with the Family

Cruises are one of the vacation types that seem nearly perfectly engineered for families with children. Sure, there are plenty of adult activities, but the plethora of pools, relatively contained environment and a number of other kid-friendly draws means mainstream cruise lines will likely always have a number of children on them. Cruises themselves are […]