Pleasing Picky Eaters on a Cruise

Picky eaters are a constant source of frustration for parents. Whether they are as specific as refusing to eat anything but chicken nuggets cut into dinosaur shapes with tater tots on the side or as pliable as being amiable with any variety of chicken tender and potato product, picky eaters are cause for planning. One […]

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas

by Audrey Lee We have all known toddlers, adolescents, teens and even adults who are picky eaters. Something about the way something looks turns them away from the idea of even trying the dishes you put your heart and soul into. Traditional Thanksgiving side dishes may be delicious for most of us, but may look […]

How to Handle Picky Eaters on the Road

You’ve spent months figuring out the painstaking logistics of your family vacation, from where to stay to where to play. But you conveniently let it slip your mind your child won’t budge on eating anything outside of their own internal pre-set menu ranging from applesauce pouches to cheeseburgers. You may have tricks up your sleeve […]