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Thanksgiving Turkey Alternatives

by Audrey Lee

Oct 20, 2021

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Rumors are floating around about a possible turkey shortage this November, so 2021 can be the year you serve something different that the family will still enjoy. Test these recipes in the upcoming weeks for a turkey dinner alternative.


Rib Roast

Also known as prime rib, this slab of meat will be sure to make a statement at your holiday table. Containing anywhere from two to seven ribs, this cut of meat can be bought to the size of the expected party guests. When searching for the right piece, look for a well-marbled cut for the most tender and flavorful bite.


Roast Duck

Choose a different bird with a roasted duck. This choice of poultry is fattier than turkey, giving it a more flavorful and juicy finish. For families who enjoy deep frying their bird each year, duck is the perfect alternative because of its high fat content. A fryer will crisp the skin for a crunchy texture on the outside but soft and tender meat on the inside.


Pot Roast

Pot roast is an ideal main dish for a hectic day. This cut of beef is roasted long and slow with vegetables for a flavor-packed, belly-warming meal. Unlike other meats, pot roast can be left alone to cook without having to bast or rehydrate like poultry. While the meat cooks, other tasks, like preparing sides or setting the dinner table, can easily get done without too much multitasking. The saltiness from the roast and cranberries complement one another for a traditional holiday taste.



This boneless pork is an Italian traditional food, and the name means little pig. To prepare porchetta, season a pork loin with fennel, citrus, garlic and fresh herbs. Wrap pork belly around the loin like a pinwheel. The fatty outside keeps the pork loin moist while it roasts, traditionally over a wooden flame, for at least eight hours.


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