Chattanooga with Kids

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga is bursting with natural wonders, world-class fun, great food and plenty to do. There’s a decidedly laid-back and artsy vibe about the city that draws visitors and nearby locals alike. From antique railway cars, underground caverns and creative museums, here’s what to see and do in […]

The Most Iconic Travel Sights in the World

While the travel industry continues to change, bending to meet the needs of ever-evolving travel trends, one thing has remained the same: Iconic landmarks reign supreme. Whether traveling on a family vacation specifically to visit the must-see locale and destination or just looking for something to see and do on your vacation, iconic sites draw […]

Smart Watches for Active Family Travelers

Keeping track of your health, calendar and conversations while traveling, or even just out and about, can be difficult. Throw in the added factor of kids, vacations and erratic schedules and you may just need an assistant. Consider a smart watch a worthy substitute for hired help. Keep track of your steps, sleep, work and […]

Experience the Grand Canyon’s 100th Birthday

If the 2016 booming centennial of America’s National Parks is any indication, the 2019 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park is sure to be a doozy, indeed. If you’ve been thinking about hitting up one of the United States’ most iconic chasms, now’s the time to reserve a space — especially since lodgings are […]

Hotels Within Hotels Offer Exclusivity for Families

It’s clear what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas — especially when it comes to hotel design and building trends. With the quest for exclusivity fueling humankind since pretty much the dawn of time, hotels and hospitality firms are finally getting with the times. Hotels within hotels offer larger brands the chance to […]

Jacksonville Essentials with Kids

Jacksonville isn’t just a growing city in northern Florida with booming business. It’s also the most-populous city in Florida and largest city by area in the contiguous United States. What that really means is Jacksonville teems with attractions, kid-friendly fun and surprising beaches that rival its southern sister cities. But, if you’re not sure where […]