Theme Park-Ready Baby Carriers

Moving around a new space with young children, your belongings and yourselves can be tiresome enough, but add in a family trip to the theme park and it’s a different story. You now have to go on rides, play games and explore all there is to see with children in tow. Insert baby carriers, slings and extras and you have your arms back — for at least a little while.

For wellness-focused parents still seeking style and ergonomic design, LÍLLÉbaby is your new go-to carrier. Founded by designer Lisbeth Lehan and a team of parents, chiropractors, pediatricians, fashion consultants, safety experts, clothing stylists and even a rock climber, LÍLLÉbaby was born.

The company’s attention to detail, safety, eco-friendly organic materials and design brought about a line of baby carriers, wraps, slings, baby-doll carriers for kids, accessories, clothing and a slew of extras.

Specifically for the theme park, check out the line of Disney Baby gear from comfortable and incredibly soft Mickey Mouse slings for parents and baby-doll carriers for kids. Carry the little ones with a touch of whimsy through design and let the older kids carry their own baby doll or toys through the park. Strap on the Mickey Classic design for $150–190, while the kids carry their own for $35.

Young mother with her baby boy in a baby carrier scarf

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For a day at the beach with the little ones when you need less fabric and design, opt for the Knot Wrap for $50. The simple design wraps around your arms and chest for a hands-free and ergonomic carry. By centering your baby on your chest and enlisting both shoulders for support, the Knot distributes the weight evenly for easy, long-term carrying while giving your baby the tight comfort and support they need.

Lighten your load and strap the kids in for help. Get your walking and talking young travelers their own doll carrier for trinkets and stuffed toys. Watch them carry around their own accessories in unisex patterns from jungle animals and smiling rainbows to seahorses and Disney designs, $29–35.

Next trip to the zoo, theme park, beach or public space, make it a little easier and lighter with a few innovative baby carriers made from organic materials supporting your sustainable family lifestyle.