What’s Your Sign? Travel Breakdown by Fall and Winter Zodiac

Fall and winter birthdays enjoy just as much sun, surf and culture as the spring and summer signs. Read through to see what destination is compatible with your fall or winter birthday.


This air sign strives for balance and symmetry, which also extends to travel destinations. Drawn to scenic vistas and beautiful people, places and things, Libras will love California’s wine country. Head to Napa Valley for wine tastings and hot-air balloon rides, or take an extended trip to San Francisco and take in the crisp Pacific air.


Typically brave, passionate and resourceful, Scorpios can do well most anywhere. Whether in the high peaks of the Adirondack in the summer, or camping under the stars in a national park, Scorpios can hang.

Whiteface Lodge

Whiteface Lodge

Use the summer to unwind at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, New York, for some well-deserved tranquility. Lean into your thrill-seeking side by day with mountain biking, rock climbing and caving, before relaxing after a long day of exploring in the spa.


Sagittarius signs are born to explore. Their adaptable nature and flexibility lend well to any destination and situation. Put them on a beach in any country and they will feel at home. Take advantage of Lufthansa’s service from Austin (AUS) to its Frankfurt (FRA) hub, connect to Heraklion, Greece; Bodrum, Turkey; or Tivat, Montenegro and be toes in the sand, eyes on the sea in no time. Well, some time, but Sagittarius are natural jetsetters and will hardly notice the difference.

Lufthansa - Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey


More practical than most, Capricorns appreciate value, have patience in spades and will spend some time finding a good fit for them. If a vacation around retail is your thing, a trip to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama, may be up your alley.

Unclaimed Baggage Center

Unclaimed Baggage Center

This experience is essentially 40,000 square feet of lost-and-found goods all up for grabs. Shop through items airlines were unable to find the rightful owners for, including valuable electronics, musical instruments and clothing — all for a bargain. The shopping destination happens to be nearby some fun pitstops, including the U.S. Space & Rocket CenterCathedral Caverns State Park and Lake Guntersville State Park.


It’s the dawning of Aquarius and this air sign is one with the sky. Or can be, with Brussels Airlines’ new boutique hotel in the sky offer. The new long-haul Airbus A330 aircraft was retrofitted to personalize an incredible experience for travelers, as a boutique hotel with classic Belgian hospitality. Enjoy Belgian beer, chocolate and high-design amenities en route to a summer destination an Aquarius would dream of.

Brussels Airlines Boutique Hotel in the Sky

Brussels Airlines Boutique Hotel in the Sky


Pisces are a fish sign for a reason — they love the water. Put a Pisces anywhere near the ocean, sea or lake and they are bound to feel at home. The thoughtful, artistic and poetic Pisces might enjoy a Martha’s Vineyard getaway, complete with harbor-side views. Head to the Harbor View Hotel, a newly transformed, 128-year-old stay, for the best of the region.

Harbor View Hotel.

Harbor View Hotel. Photo: Alison Shaw

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