Where to Visit In the Southeastern United States

by Susan Barnes

Jul 27, 2018

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The Southeastern United States is comprised of 12 states, from Virginia to Florida and west to Arkansas and Louisiana, with North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia in between. Each of the states is as different as the next, and offers myriad destinations and activities. Here, we take a look at some places to visit within the region to spark your imagination.

Pathway to Beach with Wooden Fence at Sandbridge

Pathway to Beach with Wooden Fence at Sandbridge © Sherryvsmith | Dreamstime.com


From the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches in the Southeast appeal to all types of beachgoers, from surfers to sunbathers. In Virginia, there’s Sandbridge in Virginia Beach, a secluded beach community to slow down and unwind. Catch the wind and go kiteboarding on Hatteras Island in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. For a quintessential beach vacation, choose Folly Beach, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, or go on an all-inclusive island retreat at Little St. Simons Island in Georgia. There are hundreds of miles of beaches to explore in Florida, but why not check out Siesta Beach in Sarasota, the No. 1 beach in the United States last year. Alabama has white-sand Gulf beaches, too — just visit Gulf Shores to find them!


While the mountains found throughout the Southeastern U.S. may not be as high as those found out West, there are still plenty of ranges from which to choose, and they have characteristics of their own. The Blue Ridge Mountains run from Pennsylvania all the way south to Georgia, while the Great Smoky Mountains (and the national park) run from North Carolina into Tennessee. In northwest Arkansas, the Ozark Mountains run north into Missouri. Or, get your mountain on in West Virginia, nicknamed “the Mountain State” because the entirety of it lies completely within the Appalachian Mountain range. In all of them, hiking, bicycling, camping and all-around adventure await.

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For even more spots to check out in the southeast, consider discovering the heart and soul of Louisiana through the characters, festivals and flavors found throughout the state, such as the Delcambre Shrimp Festival. Or head to Mississippi, considered the birthplace of America’s music; follow the Mississippi Blues Trail to learn more. Sip bourbon, watch the horses graze, explore caves, hunt waterfalls or hike a gorge — all of these things can easily be done in Kentucky.

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