Bucket List Destinations

Take the family on an unforgettable trip this spring in a destination less traveled. Check a few unique experiences off your bucket list and scratch a few off-the-grid destinations off the map this year.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galápagos Islands — a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean belonging to Ecuador — offers nature lovers the ultimate place to view wildlife. Most famously visited by Charles Darwin in the 1800s and inspiring his theory of evolution, the unique Galápagos wildlife is a sight to be seen.

Kicker Rock at Sunset - Galapagos Islands

© Orlando Jose De Castro Junior | Dreamstime.com

Explore the unique, isolated terrain by cruise ship or hired boat tour and witness incredible animal and plant life that can’t be found anywhere else. With luxury ship options and exclusive tours, the family trip can be as sophisticated and comfortable as you need. Get up-close photos of penguins, sea lions, sea turtles and maybe even a Galápagos shark. Pack your camera, hiking shoes and plan an island adventure fit for 2018.

Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia, a North African country located along the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert, boasts incredible archaeological exhibits, history and art. The capital city Tunis is a sprawling metropolis bursting with museums featuring Islamic art and Roman mosaics —perfect for an educational and unforgettable family trip.

Ancient ruins of Carthage and seaside landscape. Tunis, Tunisia,

© Valery Bareta | Dreamstime.com

Check out the city’s medina district, including the immense Al-Zaytuna Mosque and souk, or marketplace. Nestled along Lake Tunis, Tunis is just inland from the Mediterranean Sea’s Gulf of Tunis, offering sweeping views of the sea in one direction and ancient city in the other.

Visit Carthage to the east and get a good look at the ancient ruins of the city. There’s also the Antonine Baths and the artifacts within the Carthage National Museum.

Drink coffee and enjoy the nearly private streets of town, completely unbothered by tourists. Wind down old city streets and pop in local shops and cafes, or take a ride to the Sahara desert and feel like a tourist — because your family will not feel that way in Tunis.

Tallinn, Estonia

Visit Estonia’s capital city Tallinn along the Baltic Sea. Considered the city’s cultural center, Tallin is a walled city with a quaint, cobblestoned Old Town boasting Gothic architecture and 15th-century sites. This unique and mostly untouched region is a must-visit for families of all ages and travel levels with its easy going pace and cultural allure.

Check out the local shops and cafés in town or take in the sights at the Gothic Town Hall. Built in the 13th century, the Gothic Town Hall looms over Tallinn’s main square. Convenient for travelers and families trekking to Estonia in 2018, the country turns 100 this year. Celebrate like a local and join in the festivities during the once-in-a-lifetime event.