Gateway to Fun at Taoyuan International Airport

Airports in major Asian cities have a leg up on American and European counterparts when it comes to making a planned or unplanned layover truly enjoyable. Taoyuan Airport in Taipei, Taiwan, is striving to join an elite club occupied by Singapore Changi Airport and Incheon Airport, serving greater Seoul and South Korea. Since Taoyuan’s makeover […]

Dives for Kids in Fiji

You may know all about the world-famous Jean Michel Cousteau Resort, but did you know you can take the kids for a Kids Sea Camp in the pristine waters of Fiji? Family Divers offers kids and families the unique opportunity to not only enjoy the 5-star stay and stunning location, but to also learn a […]

Airport Hotels Step Up Their “Landing Gear” for Young Travelers

Changes in the way people travel prompted hotels of every description to improve their offerings. This is particularly true of the airport hotel, which, until recently, mainly served as a utilitarian, convenience-driven necessity for business travelers on quick jaunts and passengers faced with flight delays, cancellations and next-day connections. Comfort, aesthetics and edible food, needless […]

Wine Tasting in New Zealand

Among many of New Zealand’s alluring qualities, most foodie families know it’s a must visit for wine tasting vacations. New Zealand’s sub-tropic climate and diverse landscape allow for a variety of grapes and winemaking styles throughout the country, resulting in a vast selection of wines — all the more reason to book a family trip and […]

Trendy Family Fun in Amerikamura

Amerikamura, or America-mura, is a shopping, entertainment and foodie neighborhood in Osaka, Japan. What may be a dead giveaway by the name, Amerikamura is also known as American Village and offers tourists, families and locals a fun blend of Western-inspired shops, Japanese food stalls and a blend of oddities and attractions. It’s one of those […]

Montréal with Kids

When you start planning a family trip, there are many questions to consider. What kinds of attractions are there? Will they appeal to the entire family? Are you visiting a city, or going somewhere remote? Finally, is the destination kid-appropriate? If Montréal is in the cards, here is everything you need to know to start […]