Beyond the Beach in Belize With Adventures at The San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Belize’s Caribbean Sea-facing East Coast and 200 cayes (islands) mean this Central American country has white- and gold-sand beaches in spades. But head west and you’ll encounter a whole different world of lush jungles, elaborate cave systems, waterfalls, rivers and ruins from the ancient Maya civilization. One resort wants to take you to explore this […]

Costa Rica on a Budget

You want the Costa Rican sun. You want the powder puff sand. You want the yellow, festive drinks, full of confetti and streamers, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. A holiday in the coastal town of Tamarindo, in the Guanacaste Province, on the Pacific Coast side of the country, can give you all […]

Costa Rica With the Family

Nothing in the world can bring a person into harmony with themselves and others than the tuning fork they’ll find in nature. Costa Rica hosts 12 different ecosystems to find the perfect balance between layers of earth, forest and water which hold the secrets to connection and happiness. In this first of the three ecosystems […]

Managua Reimagined for Family Fun

By Jack Guy Seeing this muddled and chaotic city takes a bit of effort, which might be why most people go to Granada or León instead. But you’ll find fascinating history, geography and culture to uncover when you and your family arrive in Managua. Founded as the Nicaraguan capital as a compromise to the historic […]

Santiago, Chile

Chile’s capitol and largest city, Santiago is encompassed by the beautiful Chilean Coastal Range and the snowcapped Andes. Its positioning within the valley of the mountain range supplies incredible panoramic views at every turn. Known as one of the safest destinations in Central America, Chile boasts a burgeoning urban society. Embark on a cultural tour of […]