4 Great Southern California Coast Activities for Families

Southern California’s Pacific Coast is the go-to place for families looking for some aquatic fun. Sea World in San Diego is a great way to get to know the local marine life, but more adventurous travelers will find greater satisfaction hitting the water in person. From surfing and body-boarding to whale watching and deep-sea fishing, […]

What to Do in Salzburg

Austria is synonymous with Imperial tastes and old-world luxury — the perfect setting for a fun and sophisticated family trip. Enjoy the country’s Baroque architecture and natural beauty from quaint mountain towns to stylish cities. For families interested in the best of old-world class and high -ociety comforts mixed with rich history and small-town charm, […]

3 Great Las Vegas Side Trips for Families

Sin City is not your typical family destination. While there are plenty of family-friendly activities to be found up and down the Strip — think big-name entertainers, circus acts, magic shows and roller coasters — Las Vegas is best known for its wild parties, gambling and excessive amounts of adult fun. That doesn’t mean families […]

Snowed In: Indoor Skiing Complexes Around the Globe

Ski season is a year-round prospect given there are notable (and formidable) ski and snowboarding hubs and mountain ranges in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. However, indoor skiing complexes provide folks cool opportunities to have a full-blown alpine experience in some unexpected and interesting places. Better still, they are tailor made for family groups and […]

French Fries for the Small Fries

Covered in ketchup, salt or truffle oil, French fries are an indulgent treat or savory side that go well with those kid favorites like chicken nuggets or burgers. Although invented in Belgium, they’re also a great excuse to explore a new neighborhood elsewhere on the travel trail and try some local flavors and experiences. It’s […]

Family-Friendly Spots in Vienna

With such a rich history and cosmopolitan cityscape, Vienna, Austria, offers an ideal setting for families seeking chic accommodations, culture and fun. Take the kids sightseeing and exploring all over the city, but be sure to check out these top spots. Museums Zoom Children’s Museum is a unique kid-centric space with hands-on exhibits, art workspaces, […]