Dare to Detour Celebrates Girl Power in Montana

Whether you’re looking for mother/daughter bonding or a girlfriend getaway, lifestyle company Dare to Detour is unveiling its third annual, women-only retreat this fall at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Bozeman, Montana.

The retreat, Sept. 18–22, is themed around Untapped Potential and is open to women of all ages looking for empowerment in their everyday lives.

The schedule will include such traditional ranch activities as horseback riding, hiking and fly fishing, all designed to make the most of the ranch’s location in the Big Sky region. What differentiates the retreat from a typical dude ranch vacation, however, is the menu of specialized activities designed by and for women, including workshops and creative programs led by regional artisans, as well as Campfire Conversations, a series of surprise evening speakers and performers.

Horseback Riding in Bozeman.

Photo: Aliaksandr Shcharbina | Dreamstime.com

Workshops will include:

  • Inspiring a Deeper Sense of Self with Linda Lesem & Laura Riordan: Lesem is a certified life coach who specializes in Positive Psychology, and Riordan has a Ph.D. in Psychology and 20 years’ experience in the mind and body wellness industry. The two women will lead the three-day workshop and will guide participants through self-discovery, helping them identify what brings them fulfillment in their lives. The workshop will also provide participants with follow-up tools to use on their return home.
  • Redefining Beauty with Nicole Giannini: Giannini, founder of Siren Salon and Apothecary in San Anselmo, California, will support participants as they explore their relationship to beauty. Participants will develop strategies to change negative perspectives and beauty rituals to reinforce their self image.
  • Stop, Start & Continue with Cassidy Wendell: Wendell, a wellness writer, online educator and community builder, will share her daily, weekly, monthly and yearly review process of Stop, Start, and Continue — a strategy she designed to help participants build abundance and joy in every aspect of their lives, including in careers, relationships and health.
  • Cultivating a Creative Practice with Monica Michael Willis: Editor and writer Michael Willis has spent 25-plus years as a magazine journalist. Her workshop will focus on the theme of Journaling to Rewrite Your Story and will teach participants how to develop journaling exercises that can help reframe how they see themselves and break free of any identity narratives in which they might be stuck.

The Dare to Detour retreat is priced at $3,250, per person, double, not including air. The Nine Quarter Circle Ranch features accommodations in log cabins, equipped with one to four bedrooms and wood stoves or fireplaces — but, deliberately, no TVs, phones, fridges or microwaves.