Go Green on Your Next Trip to Los Angeles

Los Angeles, often known for its fame and excess, is an increasingly Earth-conscious metropolis. At first glance, the city appears a hot-bed of indulgence, but. underneath the glitz and glamour. it is giving visitors the chance to explore a world-class destination while doing its part to support an earth-friendly ecosystem.

With an infrastructure rooted in sustainability, such as the fleet of natural gas-fueled buses, trash trucks and street sweepers and the Los Angeles Convention Center, one of the largest solar-generating buildings in the nation, the city is helping lead the way with urban sustainability and eco-responsibility.

Several hotels throughout the city are now Green Seal certified, boasting a GS-33 classification which requires them to maintain a series of standards such as waste minimization, pollution prevention, water conservation and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Thanks to Green Seal-certified hotels, families can not only rest assured they are leaving less of a carbon footprint during their stay in this heavily-populated city, but are also teaching their children the importance of respecting not just the places we live but the places we visit as well.

For a green hotel stay during your visit, try Hilton Los Angeles Universal City. The hotel’s green initiatives include 16 recycling programs to ensure minimal waste production, minimal single-use products and disposable service items, as well as a food and yard waste composting program.

The property is landscaped with native plants that require little water to maintain and the hotel is equipped with low-flow showers and faucets to minimize water usage. Energy-efficient appliances and lighting are used throughout, along with eco-friendly cleaning products.

Metro bike share program in L.A. © Sonnenbergshots | Dreamstime.com

Metro bike share program in Los Angeles © Sonnenbergshots | Dreamstime.com

To get around the city, there are plenty of eco-friendly options, such as the Metro system that utilizes subways and light rail lines that run off electricity rather than traditional fuels that contribute to pollution. Just take advantage of the easy-to-use Metro Trip Planner to plan your route. You can also take advantage of the city’s Metro Bike Share Program, which lets you easily rent a bike from one of many stations throughout the city for an affordable price. Bikes can be rented for $1.75 for a 30-minute ride or $5 for an all-day pass. Once you’re done simply return it to a convenient station.

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s top chefs, guaranteeing visitors an impressive array of world-class culinary choices during their stay. Known for creating healthy, fresh cuisine, L.A.’s chefs embrace the latest trend of farm-to-table, sustainable dining. Not only do local restaurants strive to serve the freshest, locally sourced food possible, but many are doing it from their own organic gardens. For a thoroughly Los Angeles dining experience head to the brain child of celebrity chef Matthew Kinney, Plant Food + Wine in Venice Beach. The plant-based cuisine is crafted from sustainable ingredients grown by local farmers and the restaurant’s own on-site garden. In addition to serving environmentally friendly and health-conscious meals, the restaurant engages in eco-responsible practices such as using compostable take-out containers and earth-friendly cleaning products.