Shopping in Athens

People flock to Greece to view its ancient ruins and explore its beautiful islands, but it is also a great place to immerse yourself in some good, old-fashioned shopping. The capital city of Athens literally bursts with quaint shopping districts and unique finds; visitors can easily get overwhelmed and find themselves buying an extra suitcase […]

History of Valentine’s Day

‘Tis the season for kids to pick out Valentine’s for classmates, bake sweets for school and make cards. With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s interesting to think of how the holiday began — and, spoiler, it’s a bit darker than the chocolate-and-flower-version celebrated today. The muddled origin comes with different interpretations conceived around the world, […]

Keep Kids From Fighting on a Road Trip

Once the relief of knowing you don’t have to spend a bundle on airfare and deal with screaming kids on a plane passes, the reality of venturing out on a road trip takes hold. You are about to be trapped inside a car with multiple children bound to do what they do best from fighting […]

Planning a Last-Minute Getaway? Spring Into Action

Sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead if everybody in your family runs on a different schedule. This is especially true for family spring break travel, where the free week off changes from year to year. However, what to do if everybody’s free time lines up last minute … like late February when a lot of […]

How to Afford a Family Vacation When You Feel Broke

If you feel like the cost of a family vacation is out of reach, you’re not alone. According to American Express, the average per person expense of a vacation is $1,145, which means you’re looking at $4,580 to post social media vacation fodder for a family of four. That’s no small charge for families on […]

Expert Tips for Visiting the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most impressive sites on Earth, one with a well-earned place on many bucket lists. A visit to this site is, for most people, a once-in-a-lifetime experience and should therefore be maximized to guarantee the most memorable trip possible. The following tips can help you make the most out […]