Taking Young Kids Fishing

Fishing can be an exceptionally rewarding experience if you go into it knowing what to expect. For many kids, a fishing trip without a catch means a failed and boring trip. What starts as an exciting adventure turns into a game of waiting for enough time to pass so you can go home and watch […]

Make the Most of Spring Weather

As winter breaks and spring starts to settle in, the warmer weather is something most people embrace. Streets burst to life as kids from all over the neighborhood take to their friends’ doors, knocking and asking if their pals can come outside. Through it all, though, the weather continues to change. Before you know it, […]

Best Bagel Shops to Check Out in Brooklyn

Bagel lovers know, a great bagel is a New York bagel. If your family has a hankering for an authentic bagel, we have your new lineup of must-visit bakeries and delis. A good bagel can mean something different to everyone, but if your family is of the soft bagel on the inside with a touch […]

Ways to Stay in Touch With Family Abroad

It’s that time of year when some students may plan for a study abroad, your soon-to-be-graduates accept a job across the country or your older kids have business trips taking them to far-off destinations. Have no fear, tech is here … to help. Whether just away for a quick business trip or extended internship, there […]

Remaining Open Minded During a Shutdown (and Other Unfortunate Events)

When things take an unexpected turn, many will quote a line from John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”: “Life is what happens when you make other plans.” The line fits the recent government shutdown, which descended on the American public during the holiday season and lasted over a month, though it is probably not the […]

Family Exercise on Vacation

Family vacations tend to be so busy that, by the time you get home, you feel like you need a vacation just to recover from your vacation. In the middle of braving amusement parks, walking along boardwalks and managing to catch all of your flights and have free time to try to decompress, there is […]