Affordable Family Fun in Disneyland

Everyone knows a Disneyland Resort vacation is a surefire hit with families, but finding an affordable way to make the dream a reality can be a challenge. Undercover Tourist, a family-focused online travel agency — and theme park expert — is debuting discounted tickets for parents and kids, along with suggestions on other ways to […]

Combining College Visits with a Family Vacation

The August ritual of visiting colleges contenders for your high school senior’s applications can be an enjoyable vacation for the whole family if you plan in some time for more than the expected campus tour. And your prospective students will get a better idea of what the whole experience could be as a student there. […]

Tips For Traveling With Older Family Members

Multigenerational travel can be both life changing and life affirming — and sometimes, a bit challenging as well. When traveling with older family members, it’s important to take their needs into consideration and equally important to remember just because a person is older doesn’t mean they’re disabled or their spark for adventure is burning any […]

Making and Saving Memories

While sitting down to scrapbook and fill photo albums may be a thing of the past, it’s still important to document family travels and childhood memories. Building an online profile of shared moments with your family and friends doesn’t always require social media. Skip the mainstream newsfeeds, advertisements and spam and go right to JamBios, […]

6 Ways to Fund Your Travel Around the World (with Kids)

Ever wonder how family travel bloggers seem to fund those around-the-world trips with kids? Some sold everything and used the funds to start their endless vacation and others developed mobile businesses from freelancing to blogging to keep things afloat. If you want to get on the road with your own world travel dreams, you need […]

Purchasing Plane Tickets for Large Family Groups

For many families, summer is prime time for multigenerational gatherings and vacations. However, with the warmer months being “high season” in most parts of the country and the world, there is the inevitable uptick in airfare prices responding to supply and demand. Whether you are getting the family together for a summer retreat, a one-time […]