Getting to Portugal

International flights are never totally stress-free. Whether you’re flying economy, business or first, it seems there is always a kernel of uncertainty waiting just below the surface. Transcontinental travel, then, feels all the more intense. Portugal is filled with things for the entire family to enjoy. From family-focused hotels to entire cities packed with activities, […]

Introduce Your Kids to a World of Adventure

As any traveling parent knows, life on the road is an adventure all its own. Some people embody that concept more fully than others. Take Taylor Zajonc, a maritime historian, dad, shipwreck expert and modern-day buccaneer whose past includes exploring the mysterious waters of the Bermuda Triangle while on a submersible three miles beneath the […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Cross-Country Family Road Trip

Taking the family on a cross-country road trip this summer? It may sound like the perfect idea and a great chance to bond while exploring our great country, but, with a few wrong moves, your idyllic, classic American road trip could end up more like something from the National Lampoon franchise. Here are four mistakes […]

Getting Kids Ready for Back to School

Depending on whom you ask, the worst part of summer vacation is the end. School supply shopping, last-minute family getaways and kids’ impending loss of freedom all come as September looms large. No matter what grade your children enter this fall, there are ways to prep them for the school year ahead. If your kids […]

Preparing for Hikes with Kids

No matter where you are hiking or who you are hiking with, it is important to be prepared for the challenges of any given hike. For longer hikes, this means bringing water and snacks. When kids are in tow, prepping for a hike changes completely. Perhaps the most important thing about prepping a hiking trip, […]

Packing for a Multi-City Family Trip

Whether planning a whirlwind family vacation or a multi-city bleisure trip with plans to meet up with the kids, packing can seem a little overwhelming. How to dress for a diverse range of activities, for multiple destinations, changing weather and all the possibilities in between make the process seem much more stressful. No worries — […]