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Binge-Worthy Treats to Not Feel (Too) Bad About

by Angelique Platas

Sep 11, 2020

Photo: David Tonelson | Dreamstime.com

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In times of stress, boredom and even enjoyment, some of us find ourselves reaching for a treat or two — or a dozen. When you need the crunch or sweetness of a snack, but not all the guilt and remorse to follow, registered dietician Lisa Moskovitz, founder and CEO, New York Nutrition Group, recommends these not-so-bad snacks — they’re also great in kids’ lunches or as after-school snacks!


For Something Creamy: Halo Top
While few creamy treats are better than ice cream, this binge-worthy snack comes close. Halo Top ice cream offers lower sugar and more protein per serving than traditional ice cream, and comes in a binge-ready container. Made with ultra-filtered skim milk, Halo Top has the same smoothness of traditional ice cream with fewer calories and a lower glycemic impact overall.


For Something With Crunch, Kick and Tang: Chili Lime Popcorn
Making your own popcorn is an underrated healthy snack option. You can spice up any batch with any flavor you’re feeling without all the additives of a store-bought brand. Just purchase whole kernels on your next grocery shopping trip over the microwavable bag (much cheaper), follow the (easy) cooking instructions on the back and add any topping you like at the end.


Lisa Moskovitz suggests adding seasonings like chili, cumin and salt in the pan with the popcorn, shaking well, transferring to a bowl and adding lime juice just before serving.


For Something Fruity: Apple “Donuts”
Fruit is always a great binge-worthy, sweet snack in times of need, but adding a little something extra can take it to the next level.


For this recipe, Lisa suggests you core and slice one medium apple, top with one tbsp of almond butter, 1/3 cup ricotta cheese, 2 tsp of honey and sprinkle with cinnamon and/or dark chocolate chips.


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