Where to Begin with Heritage Travel

As defined by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, heritage tourism is essentially traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent people of the past. Through storytelling, authentic experiences and cultural tours, travelers can examine the life and times of their family’s history or modern lifestyles of the region they are originally […]

Should Your Family Take a Year Off for Travel?

The term “gap year” typically refers to students letting a year lapse in their education, or between school and work. The opportunity to take a year evolved further, becoming more accessible to all generations across education, career and single and family life. Now more and more people take a year to travel the world at […]

Family-Friendly Spots to See in Christchurch, NZ

Located on South Island along Pegasus Bay, just south of Waimakariri River, Christchurch, New Zealand, boasts English history, modern attractions and wild beauty. Explore the city’s natural side and colonial culture with bike outings, scenic hikes and city tours. Nature Nestled between two bodies of water, Christchurch is littered with scenic beauty for your family […]

Prepping Your Family for a Long-haul Flight

Taking flight can be challenging: arriving at the airport on time; checking in and checking bags; navigating through security; finding your gate; and, finally, boarding. Add on a long-haul flight on which you and your family will be traveling, and the getting to and arriving at the airport can look like the easiest part of […]

Must-Have Travel Products for Families

Getting out on the open road with the kids or packing up for a flight can require a good amount of planning. Before you pack up and ship off, check out these convenient and family-friendly must-haves for your next trip with the kids. Whether picnicking or packing a snack to go, the Vaya Tyffyn keeps […]

5 Facebook Groups for Family Travelers

The rise of family blogs and booking engines make it easier than ever to book your next family vacation, but also leads to a debilitating case of analysis paralysis. Where should you go? Where should you stay? Who do you ask for advice? Instead of piecing together online reviews on your own, go straight to […]