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Aug 17, 2018

Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Your Family

Part of the fun of road trips is indulging in ways you normally wouldn’t, from fast food to too much screen time. But when you exclusively rely on fries and shakes to keep your family happy on the road, you also face afternoon sugar crashes and diabolical mood shifts. You can still plan a few indulgences, but make sure to pepper in healthy road trip snacks to give your family the nutrition and fuel they really need. Here’s what to pack.

A Suite Ride at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

The Peninsula Beverly Hills makes staying in a suite even sweeter! Guests who book one of the hotel’s elegant suites are offered complimentary use of a luxury BMW for the length of their stay. While Beverly Hills has so much to offer, having a car gives you the freedom to see even more of Southern California, whether it is driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu, or continuing on, past Santa Barbara, to Santa Ynez wine country.

May 21, 2018

(Plane) Food for Thought

Every parent with a picky toddler, child or teen will probably place in-flight food as one of the least pleasant aspects of travel. Famously opinionated celebrity chef/restaurateur Gordon Ramsay would heartily agree with you and your kids. He recently told pop culture website Refinery29 that based on his knowledge of where the “food’s been and where it goes,” having worked for airlines for 10 years, he is adamant about not eating what comes on the cart.

Travel Tips
Apr 29, 2018

Prepping Your Family for a Long-haul Flight

Taking flight can be challenging: arriving at the airport on time; checking in and checking bags; navigating through security; finding your gate; and, finally, boarding. Add on a long-haul flight on which you and your family will be traveling, and the getting to and arriving at the airport can look like the easiest part of the trip. It doesn’t have to be. Here, we take a look at a few ways you can prepare for a long-haul flight so the flight is as flawless as you can make possible.

Apr 20, 2018

Delicious, Nutritious New Snacks Ready for Takeoff

When it comes to snack foods that pack well for plane and road trips, many parents are familiar with the old standbys: protein and granola bars, string cheese, go-packs of applesauce and beef jerky. While those foods are certainly convenient and (generally) not messy, the eating experience may be less than satisfying.

Age Specific / Toddlers
Mar 19, 2018

How to Navigate Museums with Toddlers

Museums and toddlers are rarely uttered in the same breath for a reason. Their little bodies and minds just can’t deal with the expectations of enduring adult-sized fun resembling forced quiet and endless tedium. But that doesn’t mean Mom and Dad have to forgo a much-anticipated trip to the museum because their toddler has all the feels of how they want to spend their day. Come equipped with a stroller, plenty of contraband snacks and a plan of action to turn your outing into a successful experience.