Prepping Your Family for a Long-haul Flight

Taking flight can be challenging: arriving at the airport on time; checking in and checking bags; navigating through security; finding your gate; and, finally, boarding. Add on a long-haul flight on which you and your family will be traveling, and the getting to and arriving at the airport can look like the easiest part of the trip. It doesn’t have to be. Here, we take a look at a few ways you can prepare for a long-haul flight so the flight is as flawless as you can make possible.

Get Comfortable

Getting comfortable in your seat on a plane is possible. On long flights, we like to bring a spare pair of socks to slip on once airborne so we can slip off our shoes and relax into it. Remember a pair of slip-ons, or even flip flops, and make it easy to get up to go to the bathroom and back in your comfort zone as quickly as possible. You may also want to bring a pashmina or small blanket — planes can be cold, and bringing your own ensures you can cozy up. Plus, if you are traveling with young kids, a familiar blanket may help them feel more comfortable on the flight.

Let Them Entertain You

Boy on a plane

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In-flight entertainment will likely keep you and your family occupied during long flights, and most airlines will provide complimentary headphones so you can enjoy for hours. If you have your own and have room in your carry-on, consider bringing them with you as they are likely more comfortable than those you will receive onboard. Kids can get bored, even with limitless TV shows and movies at their disposal, so if there is a game they enjoy playing, why not bring it with you? Or, of course, there’s the old -ashioned book!

Don’t Forget the Snacks

It is likely your long-haul flight will have plenty of food to keep you satiated whilst in the air, but these days, you really never know. Go ahead and pack some of your favorite snacks with you to nibble in the air — even if you are well-fed during the flight, your hunger pangs may hit when the snack cart is locked away. And, familiar flavors and favorite snacks could reassure your kids if they become anxious in the air.