What to Know Before Visiting an Elephant Sanctuary

While one of the more popular activities in Thailand and across Asia, choosing a wildlife sanctuary or animal rescue park can be half the battle, but worth every minute of planning. Narrowing down your choices to the best one for your family is just the first step. Next, you have to pack and prepare the […]

Denver for Beginners

Travel to the Mile High City of Denver with a few pro tips. For families and travelers headed to Colorado’s capital, whatever the reason, read up on these in-the-know suggestions for an effortless travel experience. How to Pack Depending on the time of year, make sure your family loads their suitcases with light layers, a […]

Surviving Holiday Travel

The holiday season is always a stressful time of year. We’ve got parties to attend, gifts to buy and meals to plan and prepare, just for starters. When you add travel to the mix, which can be a stressful undertaking in and of itself (especially with children), you can easily find yourself on the verge […]

Keeping Kids Occupied on Road Trips

If you’ve ever been confined to a car during a long road trip, you’re no stranger to the fact the hours can stretch out in front of you like the road you’re on. When you’re traveling with kids, the car can really start to seem like a prison. If your family has multiple children, the […]

Ways to De-Stress the Family for the Holidays

by Audrey Lee The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather for quality time missed throughout the year. Although this is usually a happy time, sometimes it can become overwhelming with holiday shopping, meeting new people, preparing large meals and attending various parties. In this time, you need to find ways to […]

Getting to Norway with Kids

On your next trip abroad, experience firsthand why the people of Norway have been named the happiest in the world. The incredible scenery, natural wonders and vast openness offer much more than the average family trip. Venture to the Scandinavian country and experience the Northern Lights, fjords and stunning natural beauty amid a bustling urban […]