Purchasing Plane Tickets for Large Family Groups

For many families, summer is prime time for multigenerational gatherings and vacations. However, with the warmer months being “high season” in most parts of the country and the world, there is the inevitable uptick in airfare prices responding to supply and demand. Whether you are getting the family together for a summer retreat, a one-time […]

Road Rules for Safe Summer Travel

It’s nearly summer, the time of year when countless travelers happily head out to explore the back roads, highways and byways of the world. While road trips should be adventures filled with pleasant memories, the sad and tragic truth is, every year, 1.24 million people die, and an additional 50 million people are injured on […]

Should Your Family Take a Year Off for Travel?

The term “gap year” typically refers to students letting a year lapse in their education, or between school and work. The opportunity to take a year evolved further, becoming more accessible to all generations across education, career and single and family life. Now more and more people take a year to travel the world at […]

Decoding Your Child’s Travel Meltdowns

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean your kids won’t be prone to the same moods and crankiness as at home. There’s no such thing as a vacation from bad moods. In fact, chances are high your kids save those epic meltdowns for the road when you can’t do much but suffer through it in the […]

Making Road Trips with Pets as Headache-Free as Possible

While you may have traveled with your pet in the car plenty of times — to the vet, the dog park, a friend’s house — going on an actual road trip with your pet is an entirely different situation. While Fido might be comfortable sticking it out for a few minutes when you drive across […]

Safe Family Travel in India

Don’t let the fear of travel or far-off destinations hold your family back from vacationing. Is India on your must-visit list? Relax and enjoy the trip, but first prepare with these for tips for safe travel. Do Your Homework For those looking to travel light, shop around for hotels offering family-friendly products and services. If […]