Remaining Open Minded During a Shutdown (and Other Unfortunate Events)

When things take an unexpected turn, many will quote a line from John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”: “Life is what happens when you make other plans.” The line fits the recent government shutdown, which descended on the American public during the holiday season and lasted over a month, though it is probably not the […]

Keeping Kids Active During the Winter

Winter can be a tough time for many reasons: heavy snow falls, temperatures dropping and shoveling the driveway. It should be no surprise when the winter months dissuade kids and parents alike from venturing outside. It seems like any time the kids are active at all in these months are when they are in school […]

How To Plan a Winter Trip for the Whole Family

Winter travel is one of those highly anticipated vacations right when you need it most. You can get away after the holidays and catch up with extended family and friends or reconnect with the family unit. All you need is a destination and space that can accommodate your whole family. Finding the perfect destination may […]

National Parks For Beginners

Visiting some national parks in the New Year? With so many amazing locales to choose from, it can seem overwhelming to begin planning, but it’s easier than you think. Whether it’s your family’s first national park trip together or it has just been awhile, there are a few easy steps to get started. Pick Your […]

Tips on Getting the Best Travel Advice

Who can you trust to plan your family’s trip? You can get advice from websites, guidebooks, travel articles and tourist offices, but how can you tell the difference between good advice and bad? The short answer is you can’t always tell, but there are several ways to test travel information. Before you base your trip […]

Cyber Smarts on the Road

Today’s parents have double the responsibilities of their parents and grandparents in that they not only have to protect their children and families from the hazards of the real world, but also the world online. For this reason, it is a good idea for parents to monitor their kids’ online activities and computer habits — […]