Family Safety in Egypt

One of the greatest concerns for any traveler is often safety, especially in a new destination or lesser-known region. Add in the family factor of bringing the kids along and worrying about their safety, and it’s a whole new level of concern.

While safety concerns are always valid, they are definitely manageable. Equip yourselves with the facts and go into a new destination with tips and confidence. Explore the incredible deserts, pyramids, temples, bazaars and everything in between in the stunning cities of Egypt on your next big family getaway.

While both a once-in-a-lifetime experience and enough of a culture shock to cause trepidation, Egypt is a safe destination for families and Western travelers; you just have to know where to go and how to plan. Prepare with this list and head into your Egyptian adventure like a local.

Take control of your family vacation and don’t miss out on bucket-list destinations.

Know Where to (and Not to) Go

Especially if it’s your first tour, stick to the roads more taken on your family trip to Egypt. Visit Cairo, the Pyramids, Aswan, Luxor and all the great historic cities your trip allows, as they are safe with increasing tourist traffic in the last few years. It’s not recommended to venture deep into the desert or even the Sinai Peninsula, but by sticking to the cities and tourist regions, your family will enjoy all the history, culture, incredible landscapes, great bazaar shopping and food you can handle without missing a beat.

Be Mindful

Do a bit of homework before you go, choosing the different locales and hotels for your family stay. Opt for hotels catering to families and take advantage of all the amenities offered, including excursions and concierge assistance.

Tour in Egypt.

Tour in Egypt. Photo: Bbbar |

Take a Tour

If all else fails and you would rather sit back, relax and put your vacation in the trusted hands of an expert, a tour is definitely the way to go. Choose something customizable with Get Your Guide with Pyramid tours and safe private ventures.

One tour you can really pass off all responsibility on is an Adventures by Disney excursion, with the just-announced, new tour offering of The Ultimate Egypt Experience. This 10-day, nine-night Egypt vacation includes visiting ancient monuments with a world-class Egyptologist, including the pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamun’s tomb, and the temples of Luxor, Kom Ombo, Horus at Edfu, Philae and Karnak.

Available in 2020, this tour also includes interactive cultural experiences like chef-led cooking classes; an inside look at the Grand Egyptian Museum, opening to the public in 2020; touring the the burial chamber of Pharaoh Cheops in the Great Pyramid of Giza; beachside dinners; and a three-night cruise along the Nile River. Some aspects of the tour are adults-only, promising a more culturally immersive experience than travelers might expect from the Disney company.

Read the news here to plan your 2020 trip. The guides take care of everything for you, from transporting your bags, planning travel days, booking dinner reservations, reserving excursions and any safety questions and concerns you may have along the way.