Lost and (Wisdom) Found: Dealing with Misplaced Valuables While Traveling

Everybody does what they can to prevent loss and theft before and during a vacation. We can buy travel insurance to cover our valuables (including our health and airfare losses). Some travel bloggers offer many common sense suggestions, such as use of bright Post-It notes, garish key chains and neon-colored electronics cases to visually keep […]

Cyber Smarts on the Road

Today’s parents have double the responsibilities of their parents and grandparents in that they not only have to protect their children and families from the hazards of the real world, but also the world online. For this reason, it is a good idea for parents to monitor their kids’ online activities and computer habits — […]

Dressing Children for Travel in the Winter

Getting small children to dress how you want can be a big challenge, but add in layers upon layers and uncomfortable clothes and the struggle can take a jump. Even though the struggle to get kids dressed appropriately is a massive one, it is also painfully necessary when you get ready to go out in […]

Safe Family Travel in Argentina

For families seeking outdoor adventure and active itineraries while surrounded by endless, rugged beauty, Argentina should be on your list. Ahead of your family trip, no matter the destination, one top-of-mind concern you’ll always have is safety. Whether your kids are a young bunch or older crowd, you’re always going to worry about them — […]

Tourist Scams and How to Avoid Them

No one likes falling for a scam, especially when you’re on vacation enjoying time with the family. Falling victim to a con is a surefire way to ruin the whole trip and, in some cases, turn you off to travel altogether. Tourists are easy targets for con artists. They are in unfamiliar territory, there is […]

Out, Proud and Safe

One aspect of travel we should all be more conscious of is our safety. GeoSure, a leader in worldwide safety assessment, focuses on exactly that — personal safety from your local neighborhood to the far corners of the Earth. A helpful tool for all travelers to have, GeoSure presents safety ratings via iPhone and Android […]