Safe Family Travel in Argentina

For families seeking outdoor adventure and active itineraries while surrounded by endless, rugged beauty, Argentina should be on your list. Ahead of your family trip, no matter the destination, one top-of-mind concern you’ll always have is safety. Whether your kids are a young bunch or older crowd, you’re always going to worry about them — […]

Tourist Scams and How to Avoid Them

No one likes falling for a scam, especially when you’re on vacation enjoying time with the family. Falling victim to a con is a surefire way to ruin the whole trip and, in some cases, turn you off to travel altogether. Tourists are easy targets for con artists. They are in unfamiliar territory, there is […]

Out, Proud and Safe

One aspect of travel we should all be more conscious of is our safety. GeoSure, a leader in worldwide safety assessment, focuses on exactly that — personal safety from your local neighborhood to the far corners of the Earth. A helpful tool for all travelers to have, GeoSure presents safety ratings via iPhone and Android […]

To Scooter or Not to Scooter

If you live in or have traveled to any one of the 65 U.S. cities now populated by public scooters, you may already have your opinion set about this mode of transportation. In March, seemingly overnight, public scooters arrived in San Francisco by the hundreds on every street corner, until they were quickly removed. The […]

Airport Scams You Might Fall For

No matter where you are in the world, at home or abroad, the chance of being scammed, swiped or swindled is out there. The key is to stay alert and educate yourself on what potential threats there are to your security and belongings. At home we can install alarms, locks and cameras, but what can […]

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Caring for your beloved pet in the summer presents brand new challenges to overcome. Take caution to follow these tips to ensure the furry members of your family are safe regardless of the season. Mind the Heat Just because you enjoy basking in the 80-degree sun, doesn’t mean your pet will. Keep in mind, while […]