Incorporating Family Into Your Bleisure Travel

Bleisure travel is a buzzword in the travel industry right now, and it can be a great perk to business travelers who want to extend business trips for leisure purposes. However, if you have a family, you might not want to stick around Rome or London for a few extra days without them. Here’s how to make bleisure travel fun for the entire family.

Look for Hotels Catering to Bleisure

The Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. © Hunterbliss |

The Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. © Hunterbliss |

More hotels in destinations accustomed to dealing with primarily business travelers extend offerings to welcome children and families as well. Take, for example, many of the hotels in Washington, D.C., where the clientele has changed quite a lot over the last several years to include more kids and spouses accompanying working moms or dads. Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, Four Seasons in Georgetown and The Willard, Washington, D.C. have all added extras for bleisure travelers. 

Promote the Positives to Your Boss

Sometimes the challenge in incorporating family into your bleisure travel isn’t about anything you’re doing, it’s about your boss. However, point out the facts. Reports increasingly find bleisure travel often decreases the amount of long vacations an employee takes, reducing the amount of time they’re out of the office at one time. Additionally, bleisure travel is a work perk that can significantly attract and retain millennial talent. Bleisure travel also has the potential to reduce stress and, in some instances, extending your stay on your dime can even save the company money in airfare costs if your return flight falls on a cheaper day.

Consider an Add-On Destination

So maybe your work destination isn’t a destination your family is interested in. Consider adding a stop-over or add-on destination to your trip that’s within convenient driving distance or a short flight from your business trip location. Often, a destination appealing to everyone is easily within reach.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Bleisure travel is certainly easier when it’s just you. Having your family there can add to your demands. They want to go see the sights, while you still have that last report to finish. Plan ahead and set clear boundaries with your family, so they know when you have to work and when you’re available. Also, make sure there’s plenty for them to do and that they have the resources to enjoy themselves while you’re working. Leave them sitting in the hotel room all day and it could be your last family bleisure experience.