Smart Watches for Active Family Travelers

Keeping track of your health, calendar and conversations while traveling, or even just out and about, can be difficult. Throw in the added factor of kids, vacations and erratic schedules and you may just need an assistant. Consider a smart watch a worthy substitute for hired help.

Keep track of your steps, sleep, work and day to day, even while away, without completely obsessing over the minutia and ruining your own good time with the family. Keep it simple and stick to some of the underrepresented, but equally impressive smart watches — sophisticated enough for your busy life, but also manageable for all levels of tech-ability.

Have it all with tech, style and affordability. While holiday shopping or just thinking ahead for that outdoorsy, active fall trip, read through our list of underrated gems for the best tech fit for your lifestyle.

Fossil Q Control

Compatible with both Android and iOS, Fossil’s Q Control can monitor your heart rate and activity level while enlisting the help of Google Assistant to organize your planner. This watch does not include GPS, but wears much like a standard analog watch. The basic design isn’t the highest tech on the market, but a great stepping point for new smart watch users. The device is available in two colors, $193–275.

Amazfit Bip

This affordable device is a GPS system and heart rate monitor with more than 30-day battery life in four colors. The device works with iOS and Android technology and notifies users of calls, emails, texts and other apps. Available for $100.

Amazfit PACE

The sportier sibling, Amazfit PACE is ideal for running, biking and rough-and-tumble wear. Upload personal photos to customize the watch face, as this device only comes in two colors. Receive message alerts and listen to music while training, $120–160.

Smart watches have been on the scene for a while now, offering a wide variety of capabilities. While the Apple watch may be world-renowned, it may be a bit much in terms of price and capability for the younger family members.

Consider a simple Fitbit for the kids — they are incredibly durable, subtle and sync up to devices, considering the chances they are putting their phones down and solely going off a watch are slim to none. They have a wide variety for all ages, price ranges and activity levels.